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Cyberbullying and “13 Reasons Why”

How “13 Reasons Why” can help fight cyberbullying The Netflix TV series 13 Reasons Why has become a worldwide smash hit with teenagers drawn into the tale of a teenage girl’s suicide. Dealing with powerful issues like sexual assault, drugs, bullying and of course, suicide, the program has won praise from critics and viewers alike. The dark, adult tone of 13
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Insurer now offering “troll insurance” for victims of online harassment

Chubb, a multinational insurance company, is to offer its clients in the UK the first ever "troll insurance." Chubb personal insurance policy holders will be able to claim up to £50,000 towards expenses that include professional counselling, relocation due to online abuse, or time spent off work.Cyberbullying is defined by the insurer as "three or more acts
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New Zealand approves Harmful Digital Communications Bill against cyberbullying

The New Zealand’s Government passed the Harmful Digital Communications Bill, which declares war to cyberbullying and other abuses of Digital Communications. The Government of New Zealand has passed the Harmful Digital Communications Bill that would implement the Government’s decisions on addressing harmful digital commun
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US Schools use social media monitoring platform to protect students

Several US schools are using social media monitoring platform to watch students and their online activities in order to prevent risky situations. A number of US schools are using social media monitoring software to watch students and their online activities. According to the news website Click Orlando, the institutes have bou
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Stop!t: The Newest App To Curb Cyberbullying

Apps created by a parent has been popping up on state news now and then for the past few months. A mom from Houston who created Ignore No More, a mobile app designed to completely shut down a phone should kids choose not to answer calls or text messages from parents, may have come to mind. Or the dad from Arizona who built a company around My Job Chart, whic
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School Holiday Survival Guide

The long summer holidays are almost here in Australia. Yippee! For some parents, the idea of spending six weeks with their children is a truly joyous thought, for others – not so much. Getting through a six week vacation relatively unscathed might seem very ambitious.  Arguments around going places, spending money and screen time can be so wearing for parent
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Victims of Cyberbullying Doubled According to Latest Statistics

Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying charity organization based on Brighton, UK and member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, published their annual study called “The Wireless Report (2014)”, revealing that the number of victims of cyberbullying in the UK doubled within the last year. As more and more children are getting connected, possibly without proper briefing
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Youth & Social Media

The digital world is here to stay. The youth are growing up with and making internet technologies, such as social networking sites, an integral part of their lives. They want to know; share and be heard. They can connect with people who appeal to them; share views and photos instantly; sound out ideas in public; give vent to their emotions; and MOST importan
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How to Keep Safety First in an #AlexFromTarget Culture

When I saw the hashtag #AlexFromTarget trending on Twitter right behind #Election2014 and #Senate on November 4 it hit me abruptly: Social media owns far more real estate in our children’s brains than most of us parents care to admit. We’re living in a time of mind-blowing crowd power for sure. Instagram famous. Vine famous. Twitter famous. The instant fame
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Snapchat escapes Australian cyberbullying crackdown, for now

Australia's cyberbullying crackdown won't see the country putting any legal muscle into forcing "smaller" social media firms like Snapchat to take down harassing content, a Parliament spokesman said on Tuesday. Speaking at a speech at a conference in Melbourne, Paul Fletcher, the Parliamentary Secretary for Communications, said that it's impossible to enforc
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Using Celebrities’ Fails, Wins Online to Teach Teens

When I first heard the term “Internet Safety” about 12 years ago, despite its serious nature,  I thought to myself, “Ugh. Could there be a more booooring topic?” It sounded about as interesting as the manual that came with my new vacuum cleaner. It took a while, but over time parents—myself included—became more aware and engaged around the endless variety o
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Is Your Child is Being Bullied? Don’t Miss These 10 Signs . . .

She used to tell you everything. Her face lit up as she bounded into the car with her oversized backpack and began rattling off the details of her school day. Fast-forward just a few years.She’s easy to spot in the distance. She glances down as she scurries across the parking lot, her smile is frayed and unsure, and when she gets in the car it’s usually you
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Nude Celebrity Photo Dump Has Many Asking What Happened

Hundreds of private photos belonging to several high-profile Hollywood actresses were posted online this past weekend. They are explicit in nature, and were not intended to be seen by the public. But they have been. The question, now, is how did this happen? The details of the hackings haven’t been worked out quite yet, but there are two popular theories flo
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