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CISO Interview Series: The challenges of being the CISO for the University of Oxford.

The job of a CISO is one of constant change and unexpected challenges.  One of the most energetic environments to govern is that of a university. Universities function not only as academic institutions, but also as research hubs, hosting both curious students, as well as notable scholars.  This is an audience not known for slow-motion progress. The
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Black Basta ransomware – what you need to know

What is Black Basta?Black Basta is a relatively new family of ransomware, first discovered in April 2022.Although only active for the past couple of months, the Black Basta ransomware is thought to have already hit almost 50 organisations – first exfiltrating data from targeted companies, and then encrypting files on the firm’s computer systems.V
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How to Protect Your Remote Workforce from a Cyberattack

Earlier this year, an industry report stated that 79% of businesses remain concerned about the security risks of an increasingly remote workforce. Cyberattacks are on the rise since the COVID-19 pandemic, in part because many organizations fail to put in place adequate cybersecurity measures and procedures.In addition, there is a worldwide shortage of cybers
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How Dangerous Is the Cyber Attack Risk to Transportation?

If an attacker breaches a transit agency’s systems, the impact could reach far beyond server downtime or leaked emails. Imagine an attack against a transportation authority that manages train and subway routes. The results could be terrible.  Between June of 2020 and June of 2021, the transportation industry witnessed a 186% increase in weekly ra
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Hospitals taken offline after cyberattack

The GHT Coeur Grand Est has become a victim of a cyberattack on the hospital centers of Vitry-le-François and Saint-Dizier. The hospital’s administration has warned [French] that data have been exfiltrated and might be used for phishing in the future. As a consequence, the GHT Cœur Grand Est has cut all incoming and outgoing internet connections from its
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White House Announces Possible Rise in Cyberattacks—What You Can Do to Stay Safe

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EDoS: The Next Big Threat to Your Cloud

What is EDoS?Economic Denial of Sustainability (EDoS) is a cybersecurity threat targeting cloud environments. EDoS attacks exploit the elasticity of clouds, particularly auto-scaling capabilities, to inflate the billing of a cloud user until the account reaches bankruptcy or large-scale service withdrawal.EDoS attacks exploit the cloud’s economies of scale t
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Thousands of satellite users offline in Europe following a cyberattack, is it a conflict spillover?

Thousands of satellite internet users across Europe were disconnected from the internet by a cyber-event, experts suspect a cyber attack. Orange confirmed that “nearly 9,000 subscribers” of a satellite internet service provided by its subsidiary Nordnet in France were offline following a “cyber event” that took place on February 24
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US legislation brings mandatory cyberattack and ransomware reporting one step closer

The US Senate has passed legislation designed to improve the cybersecurity of the Federal Government.The legislation, which consists of three bills, was unanimously passed by the Senate on Tuesday evening, and would – amongst other things – require organisations working in critical industry sectors to alert the US Government about hacks and ranso
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How to Take Care of Yourself When Things Go Wrong: Self-Care Tips When Dealing with a Cyber Attack

One very predictable part of cybersecurity is that the work is unpredictable.  here are routines that help to create a predictable rhythm, but you don’t necessarily know when the next attack will come, how intense it will be when it does, or when you will get to go back to a predictable and hopefully manageable rhythm again. When responding to a cr
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News Corp falls victim to cyberattack

Media giant News Corp says it has fallen victim to a cyberattack. First analysis indicates that the attack was a state sponsored attack, aimed at emails and documents of News Corp employees, including journalists. News Corp says data was stolen, but that it didn’t include financial data or subscriber information. The hack also affected financial ne
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6 Things Cyber Insurers Are Looking for in Cyberattack Claim Applications

The modern digital environment is more risky than ever before, and the incidence of cyberattacks only increased throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In this day and age, even the most robust security systems may still be penetrated or breached by a sophisticated cyber-attack. This means companies can no longer afford to be complacent about security.If a breach
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Tips for Defending Against Adversarial Actions Regardless of Their Origin

When an unfortunate event occurs, people tend to be curious about who was responsible for the event. It can be interesting and helpful to know who your enemy is and what their motives might be. But in cybersecurity, the primary focus is ultimately on preventative and detective measures to avoid similar issues.Let’s use a recent example to illustrate this poi
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9-1-1 There’s Been A Data Breach

In this episode, Lisa Forte, partner at Red Goat Cybersecurity, discusses what happens when organizations go unprepared for an inevitable cyber breach. She explains how practicing your breach plan is the best line of defense in preparing your strategy.Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5UDKiGLlzxhiGnd6FtvEnmStitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-
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Sophisticated Tardigrade malware launches attacks on vaccine manufacturing infrastructure

Security researchers are warning biomanufacturing facilities around the world that they are being targeted by a sophisticated new strain of malware, known as Tardigrade.The warning comes from the non-profit Bioeconomy Information Sharing and Analysis Center (BIO-ISAC) which revealed that at least two large facilities working on manufacturing bio-drugs and va
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