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White House launches plan to protect US critical infrastructure against cyber attacks

The White House is reportedly moving swiftly forward with a plan to harden the security of the US power grid against hacking attacks.According to Bloomberg, the Biden administration has a plan to dramatically improve how power utilities defend themselves against attacks from countries considered to be adversaries in cyberspace – such as Russia, Iran, N
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3 Reasons Cyberattacks are Increasing (and How Zero Trust Can Help)

The events of 2020 left a lasting impression on the way people work. A third of Americans polled in September 2020 were always working remotely — down from more than half (51%) just a few months earlier. These changes continue to echo across many aspects of our lives. In the digital security space, the shift to remote work helped to produce a sur
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A new headache for ransomware-hit companies. Extortionists emailing your customers

Cybercriminal extortionists have adopted a new tactic to apply even more pressure on their corporate victims: contacting the victims’ customers, and asking them to demand a ransom is paid to protect their own privacy.At the end of March, Bleeping Computer reported that the Clop ransomware gang had not stopped at threatening hacked companies and contact
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4 Strategies to Mitigate Pass-the-Cookie Attacks

Another year, another new set of cybersecurity threats to overcome, outwit and mitigate against. At the beginning of 2021, the cybersecurity world was informed by CISA (the USA Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) of a spate of attacks targeting cloud environment configurations, supposedly occurring as a result of the increase in remote working.
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Industrial Cybersecurity and the Florida Water Supply Attack with Dale Peterson

Through the lens of the Florida water supply hack, Dale Peterson teaches how events like these remind us to take the necessary steps to maintain our cybersecurity. Founder and chair of S4 Events, Dale has been helping security professionals effectively and efficiently manage risk to their critical assets for over 15 years.Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/sh
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Cybercrimes Prevention: International Cybersecurity Laws & implications

Is your business framework 100% prepared to confront the severest cybercrimes or cyber-attacks and alleviate the danger of potential data breaches? In the event that you are uncertain about your cybersecurity structure, at that point, it’s an ideal opportunity to update it. Else, you could be at risk of long fights in court that bring about heavy fines
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How Doxing Affects Gen Z

In the past, public and famous figures had to worry most about doxing. Two men were arrested in New York for doxing after posting home addresses and Social Security numbers of dozens of law enforcement personnel on the internet. Last year, federal prosecutors sentenced a former Senate aide for releasing personal information online about five senators in ret
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Ransomware Gangs Scavenge for Sensitive Data by Targeting Top Executives

In their attempt to extort as much money as quickly as possible out of companies, ransomware gangs know some effective techniques to get the full attention of a firm’s management team.And one of them is to specifically target the sensitive information stored on the computers used by a company’s top executives, in the hope of finding valuable data
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Fighting Cybercrime: We Are Stronger Together than We Are Individually

As a cybersecurity professional, how numb have you become to vendors who try to scare you with frightening statistics in an effort to sell you a new product? It is understandable that a vendor has to present as much information in a limited amount of attention-grabbing time, so their doomsday technique makes some sense. Perhaps the vendors’ approac
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50 percent of schools did not prepare for secure distance learning, Labs report reveals

Education in the United States faced a crisis this year. The looming threat of the coronavirus—which spreads easily in highly-populated, enclosed rooms—forced schools across the country to develop new strategies for education. The dramatic stress of this transition is known. Teachers are working more hours than ever and parents are pulled between their jo
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Aircraft maker Embraer admits hackers breached its systems and stole data

Embraer, a Brazilian manufacturer of aircraft, has disclosed that hackers managed to breach its computer systems, and steal data.Although Embraer may not be a household name, it is the world’s third-largest producer of civil aircraft (after Boeing and Airbus), having delivered more than 8,000 aeroplanes to date.According to a press release issued by th
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How to Protect Your Business From Multi-Platform Malware Systems

The Lazarus Group (also known as Guardians of Peace or Whois) is a notorious cybercrime gang made up of unknown individuals. According to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations, the group is a North Korean “state-sponsored hacking organization.”However, some believe that their connections to North Korea might be a false flag intending to hide the
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Egregor Ransomware Attack Hijacks Printers to Spit Out Ransom Notes

So, you’re a ransomware gang and you want to ensure that you have caught the attention of your latest corporate victim.You could simply drop your ransom note onto the desktop of infected computers, informing the firm that their files have been encrypted.Too dull?You could lock infected PCs and display a ghoulish skull on a bright red background (most r
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The North Face resets passwords after credential-stuffing attack

An undisclosed number of customers of outdoor clothing retailer The North Face have had their passwords reset by the company, following a credential-stuffing attack.The company has revealed that on October 9, 2020, it became aware that hackers had used usernames and passwords stolen from a third-party website to gain unauthorised access to customer accounts.
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Australia Proposes Security Law to Protect Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber Attacks

The Australian Government is committed to protecting the essential services all Australians rely on by uplifting the security and resilience of critical infrastructure.Increasingly interconnected and interdependent critical infrastructure is delivering efficiencies and economic benefits to operations. However, connectivity without proper safeguards creates v
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