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What you can learn from a corporate malware attack

Dealing with malware infections can be a nightmare because the stakes are high. Make a mistake and you may be robbed, defrauded or blackmailed. Large businesses are attacked virtually every day as hackers and malware attempt to break through their defences. Faced by this constant danger, they have developed effective processes that help to minimise damage. F
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Searching for celebrity news on Google can be dangerous for your computer

Something as apparently inoffensive as employees keeping up with the lives of ‘celebs’ on the Internet could be far more dangerous than you think for your company’s IT systems. Whether you like it or not, some employees take advantage of dead time (and not-so-dead time) to look for all the latest gossip and news on the Web. There may not be anything too ris
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Anti-malware Testing Undercover

This week Cylance’s Chad Skipper published an article called “Security Testing Houses: Know the Truth!” that all people interested in security solutions testing should read. There are some serious accusations against some testing houses and vendors (without naming them) such as: –          “vendors who pay so that their test results will show 100% eff
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5 Minute Phishing Skills Test

Here’s a quick exercise in phishing that anyone can try. Go ahead, give it a shot. In just five minutes – assuming your search skills are halfway decent – you can gather enough information about a high-value target to create your own spear phishing attack.First, choose one of your company executives about whom you have very little information. Or choos
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Will Security Match Up to The World Cup’s Cyber Threats?

In this week’s SecurityWeek Article, CEO Mark Hatton explains why he is watching the World Cup with a vested interest and rooting hard for the cyber security teams.The World Cup kicked off last Thursday, marking the beginning point of more than a month of futbol hysteria. The World Cup is the most watched event on the planet and the runner up isn’t even clos
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Halfway There – Where Does Security Stand?

From Neiman Marcus to the Seattle Archdiocese, a quick look at the security breaches from the first half of 2014 has made it clear our enemies are getting stronger and smarter. In this week’s SecurityWeek Article, Core president and CEO Mark Hatton explains how the security community can fight back.The beginning of July always marks a turning point. Su
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Cyber-security: Changing the Economics!

   The impact of recent cyber attacks will be felt for years to come, perhaps having risen to a new level of hurt with the Target and Sony attacks. With a Fortune 500 CEO ousted and a Hollywood movie held hostage, cyber-security is on the minds of chief executives and board members as they gather in their first meetings of 2015. How can a massive organizatio
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