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How to Stimulate Organizations’ Security Awareness Training Programs

We all know how important security awareness training is for an organization. Moreover, we try to enhance our efforts by weaving security into the “culture” of the organization. Yet, from the employee’s perspective, it all gets very stale. It seems like it is always the same message, but if that is the case, why hasn’t this knowledge been ado
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Protect Your Organization by Cultivating a Culture of Cybersecurity Awareness

The cybersecurity market offers excellent solutions and services to combat the threats that are exploited by cybercriminals. However, are these tools enough to fully protect an organization? It is clear that human error is a strong attack vector for many popular cybercrimes, so the best way to augment any security program is to create a cyber-aware
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Cybersecurity Training: Raising Awareness And Securing Your Business

Organizations are increasingly faced with threats from sophisticated criminal organizations and nation-state actors.  To mitigate the risks posed by cyber criminals, organizations must secure and protect their proprietary and sensitive information. They must also commit to training their employees to do their part to protect proprietary and sensiti
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CISO Soup: Data Breaches, Strategy and Cybersecurity Culture

For the longest time, those of us who occupy the role of the CISO have fought for our seat at the ‘big table.’ Although it appears some of us are being invited into the C-suite, there is still a long way for us to go.This is highlighted in a 2021 report provided BT, which places “CISOs under the spotlight” and illuminates some interes
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Combating Risk Negligence Using Cybersecurity Culture

With a growing number of threat sources and successful cybersecurity attacks, organizations find themselves in a tricky spot if they wish to survive cyberspace. Oftentimes, the adversaries are not the challenge; the obstacle is the organization’s culture. Just like culture influences who we are as a people, culture influences the cybersecurity tone of an org
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More Effective Security Awareness: 3 Tips for NCSAM

It’s often said that humans are the weakest link in cybersecurity. Indeed, I’d have a hard time arguing that a computer that was sealed in a box, untouched by human hand, poses much of a security risk. But a computer that is unused has no purpose. It behooves security practitioners to get smarter about how we teach people to use those machines so that both h
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Employee Burnout is Putting Your Organization’s Security at Risk

Burnout is a health hazard in any high-stress workplace, especially in any industry where highly skilled professionals must tackle urgent demands at unpredictable intervals and where effective response is time-sensitive or even urgently needed.Employee burnout is a security and business continuity issue. It directly impacts both an employee’s performance and
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Report: No Organization’s Security Culture Has Received ‘Excellent’ Score

Security culture matters to executives, but these individuals are struggling to implement it. In a November 2019 study commissioned by KnowBe4, 94% of individuals with managerial duties or higher in security or risk management said that security culture was important for their organization’s success. Even so, Security Magazine shared that 92% of respondents
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3 Tips on How to Create a Cyber Security Culture at Work

This October marks another iteration of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), a program designed to engage both the public and private sectors on good security practices via activities that encourage awareness and resiliency in the event of a national cyber incident.Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in cooperation with the Nat
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