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More Cybersecurity Firms Confirm Being Hit by SolarWinds Hack

Cybersecurity companies Mimecast and Qualys have apparently been targeted by the threat actor that breached the systems of IT management solutions provider SolarWinds as part of a sophisticated supply chain attack. Fidelis Cybersecurity has also confirmed being hit, but it’s unclear if it was specifically targeted.Email security company Mimecast reported a c
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Fighting the Rapid Rise of Cyber Warfare in a Changing World

Global cyber warfare is a grim reality, but strong public-private relationships and security frameworks can safeguard people, institutions, and businesses.Security experts have learned many lessons from 2016 about how cyber warfare not only impacts elections but also has the potential to disrupt everything from energy and education to government services and
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Crane Maker Palfinger Says Cyberattack Had 'Massive' Impact on IT Infrastructure

Austria-based crane manufacturer Palfinger on Monday informed customers that its IT infrastructure suffered serious disruptions as a result of an “ongoing global cyber attack.”Only limited information has been shared about the incident, but the company says the attack disrupted its email and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The crane maker said a
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Cyber News Rundown: Cryptomining Malware Resurgent

Skyrocketing Bitcoin prices prompt resurgence in mining malware As the price of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin pushes record highs, there’s been a corresponding resurgence in cryptomining malware. Illicit miners had slipped off the radar as Bitcoin’s value plummeted in recent years, but now authors are hoping to profit off the latest price increase. Researche
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A Look at the Legal Consequence of a Cyber Attack

Is your system 100% ready to face the severest cyber-attack and mitigate the risk of a possible data breach? If you are unsure about your cyber-safety structure, then it’s time to upgrade it. Otherwise, you could be at risk of lengthy legal battles that result in hefty fines. Beyond that, the cost in terms of reputational loss could be catastrophic if not ha
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South Carolina County Suffers Weekend Cyberattack

A coastal South Carolina county says hackers broke into its computer network over the weekend.A statement from Georgetown County’s local government Monday said the county’s computer network “suffered a major infrastructure breach over the weekend.” Most of the county’s electronic systems, including emails, were impacted.The county’s 911 system and jail opera
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Leading crane maker Palfinger hit in global cyberattack

Leading crane and lifting manufacturer Palfinger is targeted in an ongoing cyberattack that has disrupted IT systems and business operations.Palfinger is a leading maker of crane and lifting solutions commonly used for construction, and land and sea lifting, loading, and handling solutions.Palfinger is an Austrian company with over 11,000 employees over
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2020's COVID Accelerated Digitalization Demands Stronger Cybersecurity in 2021

As critical infrastructure faces increasing and sophisticated attacks, these trends will enable the energy sector to shore up its cybersecurity defenses.From shifts in geopolitics, the energy transition, and climate change to upending the status quo in global health, financial markets, and private sector business models, 2020 will be remembered as a year of
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Need of Cybersecurity as viewed by the Educational Boards of India

India desperately needs more cyber-heroes to defend its web-fronts(and backs)! As one of the major economies of the world, India has and sincerely contributed to the large scale digitalization and virtualization of its economic, financial, governance as well as administrative systems. On its way to emerge as one of the software product-making powers, India
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NIST Cybersecurity Framework – The Key to Critical Infrastructure Cyber Resiliency

In the digital age, organizations and the missions and business processes they support rely on information technology and information systems to achieve their mission and business objectives. Not only is technology used to efficiently enable businesses to carry out operational activities, but it is also the backbone for the United States’ critical infr
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Russian government warns of US retaliatory cyberattacks

The Russian government has issued a security warning to organizations in Russia about possible retaliatory cyberattacks by the USA for the SolarWinds breach.Last month, the SolarWinds network management company disclosed that they suffered a sophisticated cyberattack that led to a supply chain attack affecting 18,000 customers.The US governmen
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FSB warns Russian businesses of cyber attacks as retaliation for SolarWinds hack

Russian authorities are alerting Russian organizations of potential cyberattacks launched by the United States in response to SolarWinds attack. The Russian intelligence agency FSB has issued a security alert this week warning Russian organizations of potential cyberattacks launched by the United States in response to the SolarWinds supply chain attack.
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New Cyber-attack Advice for European Hospitals

The European Data Protection Board has issued new advice to hospitals regarding what action to take in the event of a cyber-attack.Currently released in draft form, the new set of recommendations urges healthcare providers hit with ransomware to report the attack even if no patient data is accessed or exfiltrated. The guidelines state: "T
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Why North Korea Excels in Cybercrime

North Korea is laser-focused on boosting its cyber capabilities, and it's doing a remarkable job of it.Although the US and the United Nations have levied sanctions meant to prevent the illegal financing of nuclear weapons, North Korea is proving to be adept at sidestepping them — and is also remarkably proficient at cybercrime. As other countries try t
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Enterprise Credentials Publicly Exposed by Cybercriminals

Cybercriminals behind a successful phishing campaign have exposed more than 1,000 corporate employee credentials on the Internet, according to a warning from security vendor Check Point.The corporate account credentials were stolen as part of a phishing campaign that kicked off in August 2020, targeting thousands of organizations worldwide.As part of the cam
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