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New MacStealer macOS malware appears in the cybercrime underground

A new MacStealer macOS malware allows operators to steal iCloud Keychain data and passwords from infected systems. Uptycs researchers team discovered a new macOS information stealer, called MacStealer, which allows operators to steal iCloud Keychain data and passwords from infected systems. The macOS malware can steal documents, credit card data, cook
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The Role of Human Resources in Cybersecurity

The human resources (HR) department is an integral part of an organization. They work with all departments with a wider reach than even IT. As a highly visible department, HR can support and improve an organization’s security posture through employee training. Their access to employees at the start of employment is an opportunity to lay a foundation f
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NCA infiltrates the cybercriminal underground with fake DDoS-for-hire sites

The U.K. National Crime Agency (NCA) revealed that it has set up a number of fake DDoS-for-hire sites to infiltrate the online criminal underground. The UK National Crime Agency announced it has infiltrated the online criminal marketplace by setting up several sites purporting to offer DDoS-for-hire services. DDoS-for-hire or ‘booter’ services allows r
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Cybersecurity 101: What is Attack Surface Management?

There were over 4,100 publicly disclosed data breaches in 2022, exposing about 22 billion records. Criminals can use stolen data for identity theft, financial fraud or to launch ransomware attacks. While these threats loom large on the horizon, attack surface management (ASM) seeks to combat them. ASM is a cybersecurity approach that continuously monitors a
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Cybersecurity News Digest [February 2023]

March 22, 2023 9 0 Author: Matthew Turner Cybersecurity News Digest [February 2023] Congratulations to our readers on the end of wi
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The Role of Finance Departments in Cybersecurity

Consumers are becoming more aware of the data companies collect about them, and place high importance on data security and privacy. Though consumers aren’t aware of every data breach, they are justifiably concerned about what happens to the data companies collect.  A recent study of consumer views on data privacy and security revealed consumers a
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The One Place IT Budget Cuts Can’t Touch: Cybersecurity

If IT spending is slowing, will business leaders follow a similar approach for cybersecurity budgets? Probably not. Gartner predicts that end-user spending on both security technology and services will see an annual growth rate of 11% over the next four years. And the market is anticipated to reach $267.3 billion in 2026.  Many security professionals a
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Australia’s Latitude Financial Hit by Cyberattack, Exposing 328K Client Data

On Thursday, Latitude Group Holdings, an Australian company that handles digital payments and loans, revealed that a hacker had obtained the personal information of around 328,000 clients from two service providers by using staff login credentials.Around 103,000 identification documents were stolen from the first service provider, with over 97% of them being
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What Is Cyber Essentials and How Can Heimdal Help Your Organization Achieve CE Compliance?

Cyber Essentials is a practical, government-backed scheme that will assist you in protecting your UK-based organization, no matter how large or small, against a wide range of common cyber attacks.It assists the UK’s most critical organizations, the wider public sector, industry, SMEs, and the general public. When incidents occur, they provide an effect
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Breaking Down a Cyberattack, One Kill Chain Step at a Time

In today’s wildly unpredictable threat landscape, the modern enterprise should be familiar with the cyber kill chain concept. A cyber kill chain describes the various stages of a cyberattack pertaining to network security. Lockheed Martin developed the cyber kill chain framework to help organizations identify and prevent cyber intrusions. The steps in
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Educating girls on how to be their own cyber hero

No matter how old you are, it is important to learn how to stay safe online! According to a study conducted by Learning Innovation, more than 93% of students have access to smartphones and laptops. Cyber threats show no sign of slowing down, which is why it is important to stay up to date on security best practices. That’s one of the many reasons why we a
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The Intersection of Gender, Politics, and Cybersecurity: Iranian Hackers Target Women Advocating for Human Rights

Iranian state-sponsored actors continue to target researchers by impersonating US think tanks.SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) stated in a report that the targets were all women active in political affairs and human rights in the Middle East region.Cybersecurity researchers attributed the activity to Cobalt Illusion, a hacking group also known as APT35,
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How to Solve the People Problem in Cybersecurity

You may think this article is going to discuss how users are one of the biggest challenges to cybersecurity. After all, employees are known to click on unverified links, download malicious files and neglect to change their passwords. And then there are those who use their personal devices for business purposes and put the network at risk. Yes, all those peo
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Airlines and Airports Brace for New TSA Cybersecurity Measures Amidst Persistent Threats

In the latest move by the Biden administration to strengthen cybersecurity protections for critical infrastructure operators, the Transportation Security Administration announced regulations this past Tuesday to compel airports, aircraft owners, and operators to improve their digital defenses in the face of growing threats.Protecting our nation’s trans
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International Women’s Day: The power of diversity to build stronger cybersecurity teams

Women’s History Month is a special time for me as I reflect on all the great innovations women have made over the years. Women have driven technology forward throughout history. Notable women in cybersecurity like cryptologists Agnes Meyer Driscoll and Genevieve Grotjan Feinstein worked behind the scenes of wartime intelligence and were just two of the 10,00
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