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Celebrating the Pig: How to Engineer a Durable Security Culture

Dashlane asked this question to over 2,000 people:“Would you give up sex for a year if it meant that you would not have to worry about ever getting hacked or getting your identity stolen?”Over 39 percent of respondents said “yes.”This has got to be a very frustrating response to more security experts than just myself. We experts dedic
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The Unforeseen Impact of Unforeseen Risk

It has been a long time since Yahoo has been number one in any market but in September 2016, it “achieved” a new distinction: the single largest public data breach in human history.The numbers are astonishing, with tectonic shift-like potential implications for companies and organizations of all kinds:500 million+ accounts affected.$4.8 billion d
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Creating a culture of giving back

The team at the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in 2015. It’s been almost two years since I moved from Boston to San Francisco to take on the CEO role here at Lookout. Of course, I expected some level of culture shock after spending the first 30 years of my career on the east coast. Still, I was unprepared for how different this city is. I quickly learned t
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How should we deal with defamation and hate speech on the net? – Poll

Everybody probably agree that the net has developed a discussion culture very different from what we are used to in real life. The used adjectives vary form inspiring, free and unrestricted to crazy, sick and shocking. The (apparent) anonymity when discussing on-line leads to more open and frank opinions, which is both good and bad. It becomes especially bad
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Punishing Students for Gadget Use Will Make Their Tech Etiquette Worse

Image: mattjeacock/GettyAt the start of this year, the President Barack Obama administration made a New Year’s resolution for schools nationwide.  It urged them to drop the “zero tolerance” approach to discipline, joining a growing chorus of critics of  policies that dispense serious punishments for small rule violations.The recom
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