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The Blockchain Is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link

This is the first installment in a three-part series. Blockchain-based applications will revolutionize the way people and organizations interact with each other and the Internet of Things (IoT) — and rightfully so. Based on the foundational principles of trust, blockchain has the potential to solve real-life business challenges within every sector. Permissio
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Top 25 Security+ Interview Questions

The CompTIA Security+ certification is a good entry-level certification for infosec professionals. Many jobs, including Department of Defense positions, require the Security+ certification. Below are examples of the technical questions you may be asked as a certified Security+ professional. What is the difference between a public key cryptography and a
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Cybercrime’s Cryptocurrency Gold Rush: Going Strong!

What’s the connection between cybercrime and cryptocurrencies? Perhaps it would suffice to say that the reasons for criminals adopting the cryptocoin are quite obvious. But when did this all start, and what fuels it and gets fueled in return? This blog will go over some of the historical reasons that connect cybercrime and cryptocurrency as well as exa
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Pacemakers prone to getting hacked

Recently the The FDA and Homeland Security have issued alerts about vulnerabilities in 4,65,000 pacemakers. The devices can be remotely “hacked” to increase activity or reduce battery life, potentially endangering patients. Feasible vulnerabilities: Absence of memory and encryption: In such embedded devices there is a lack to support proper cryptographic e
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Need-to-Know Only: Use Encryption to Make Data Meaningless to Prying Eyes

Organizations continue to be plagued by data breaches, and data is leaking from our enterprises in large quantities. However, data leakage is not the only issue. The problems — namely, regulatory fines, brand damage and lost revenue — begin when sensitive data that is readable and accessible falls into the wrong hands. Despite these concerns, security profes
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The Power of Pervasive Encryption

The new z14 mainframe computer offers a chance to re-evaluate what a mainframe can do for an organization. Gone are the days when the mainframe was the only way to do computing. Today, there are new and different choices, and the z14 can make those choices practical. The z14 features standard improvements that users have come to expect, such as faster, mor
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A Review of Asymmetric Cryptography

IntroductionOur last article further examined and finished off the topic of Symmetric Cryptography. Specifically, the following topics were examined:The Caesar MethodologyThe Types of Cryptographic AttacksPolyalphabetic EncryptionBlock CiphersInitialization VectorsCipher Block ChainingIn this article, we now start to examine another Cryptographic Infra
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Charger Android Ransomware Spread via the Official Google Play App Store

We all know that ransomware is a growing problem for businesses and home users alike, and that most of it is targeted against Windows users.And we’re also familiar with warnings to avoid downloading Android apps from third-party marketplaces rather than officially-sanctioned ones such as the Google Play marketplace.But infosecurity is not a world of ab
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An Examination of the Caesar Methodology, Ciphers, Vectors, and Block Chaining

Overview of the Last ArticleIn today’s world, communications of all types and kinds are becoming of utmost importance. Whether it is from personal to professional, the use of the Smartphone and other wireless technologies is becoming an indispensable part of our lives. Just about any application can be accessed from the standpoint of remote conne
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A Review of Cryptography – Part 1

Overview of Last ArticlesOur last few articles have dealt with the science and technology of Biometrics. To review, it is merely the Verification and/or Identification of an individual based on their unique physiological traits or even behavioral mannerisms.This is probably one of the best forms of Security technology to use because it is probably the
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Downgrading RDP connections and how to avoid it

This post describes how Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections can be vulnerable to a downgrade attack if Terminal Servers are configured insecurely. We’re not aware of this issue being discussed before – googling only found pages about installing an earlier version of the RDP client, not about downgrading the protocol in the way described her
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Basics of Cryptography: the practical application and use of cryptography

Cryptography originated about 4000 years ago, and the world of cryptography has evolved a lot since then. Today ‘Cryptography’ is omnipresent in our lives without most of us realizing it. The fundamental aspect of ‘Cryptography’ has remained the same through time which is to hide information in transit and make it available only
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Crypto flaw made it easy for attackers to snoop on Juniper customers

As if people didn't already have cause to distrust the security of Juniper products, the networking gear maker just disclosed a vulnerability that allowed attackers to eavesdrop on sensitive communications traveling through customers' virtual private networks.In an advisory posted Wednesday, Juniper officials said they just fixed a bug in the company's Junos
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HTTPS crypto’s days are numbered. Here’s how Google wants to save it

Like many forms of encryption in use today, HTTPS protections are on the brink of a collapse that could bring down the world as we know it. Hanging in the balance are most encrypted communications sent over the last several decades. On Thursday, Google unveiled an experiment designed to head off, or at least lessen, the catastrophe.In the coming months, Goog
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Cryptanalysis Tools

Some terms and definitionsAlice – Sender of the messageBob – ReceiverEve – Eavesdropper or unintended partyPlaintext – Message to be sentCiphertext – Coded messageEncryption – Coding of messageDecryption – Decoding the messageCryptology – Science of study of ciphersCryptography – Science (or art) of encrypted communication between Alice and Bob, such t
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