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Meet Jigsaw, the ransomware that taunts victims and offers live support

Further ReadingNew and improved CryptXXX ransomware rakes in $45,000 in 3 weeksLatest version fixes crypto flaws that allowed victims to recover data for free.The crypto ransomware racket is a booming business that generates lots of revenue, so it only makes sense that the scourge is growing. And with new titles entering the market on almost a weekly basis,
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New and improved CryptXXX ransomware rakes in $45,000 in 3 weeks

Whoever said crime doesn't pay didn't know about the booming ransomware market. A case in point, the latest version of the scourge known as CryptXXX, which raked in more than $45,000 (£34,344) in less than three weeks.Further ReadingNo more get-out-of-jail-free card for CryptXXX ransomware victimsVictims have few options for recovering data other than paying
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Protecting your PC from ransomware gets harder with EMET-evading exploit

Drive-by attacks that install the once-feared TeslaCrypt crypto ransomware are now able to bypass EMET, a Microsoft-provided tool designed to block entire classes of Windows-based exploits.The EMET-evading attacks are included in Angler, a toolkit for sale online that provides ready-to-use exploits that can be stitched into compromised websites. Short for En
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No more get-out-of-jail-free card for CryptXXX ransomware victims

For the past month, people infected with the CryptXXX ransomware had a way to recover their files without paying the hefty $500 fee to obtain the decryption key. On Tuesday, that reprieve came to an end.Researchers from security firm Proofpoint said in a blog post that version 2.006 has found a way to bypass a decryption tool that has been freely available f
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OK, panic—newly evolved ransomware is bad news for everyone

There's something inherently world-changing about the latest round of crypto-ransomware that has been hitting a wide range of organizations over the past few months. While most of the reported incidents of data being held hostage have purportedly involved a careless click by an individual on an e-mail attachment, an emerging class of criminals with slightly
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Maryland hospital: Ransomware success wasn’t IT department’s fault

MedStar, the health network of 10 Maryland hospitals struck by a ransomware attack last week, has now reportedly brought all its systems back online without paying attackers. But a MedStar spokesperson denied reports that the attack was made possible because the health provider's IT department failed to make fixes to systems that had been issued years ago. A
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New ransomware installs in boot record, encrypts hard disk [Updated]

A new type of malware has been described, one that takes crypto-extortion to a new level. While most cryptographic ransomware variants are selective about what they encrypt—leaving the computer usable to make it easier for the victim to pay—this new entry targets the victim's entire startup drive, encrypting the master file table (MFT).Called Petya, the new
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Hospital pays $17k for ransomware crypto key

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, the Los Angeles hospital held hostage by crypto-ransomware, has opted to pay a ransom of 40 bitcoins—the equivalent of $17,000—to the group that locked down access to the hospital's electronic medical records system and other computer systems. The decision came 10 days after the hospital lost access to patient records."
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Patients diverted to other hospitals after ransomware locks down key software

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, a hospital in Los Angeles, is the victim of what officials describe as an ongoing cyberattack. A hospital spokesperson told Ars in a prepared statement that "patient care has not been affected" by the intrusion. And an executive of the hospital told reporters that the attack was "random" and not targeted at patient reco
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“Locky” crypto-ransomware rides in on malicious Word document macro

Several security researchers have discovered a new type of malware that jumps onto the ransomware bandwagon, encrypting victims' files and then demanding a payment of half a bitcoin for the key. Named "Locky," the malware depends on a rather low-tech installation method to take root in a user's system: it arrives courtesy of a malicious macro in a Word docum
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Researchers uncover JavaScript-based ransomware-as-service

Malware researchers at the anti-virus company Emisoft have uncovered a new "ransomware" package that encrypts the files of victims and demands payment to restore them. Dubbed Ransom32, the malicious code is different from CryptoWall and many other previous ransomware variants in two key ways: it was coded using JavaScript, and it’s being offered to would-be
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New encryption ransomware targets Linux systems

The antivirus software company Doctor Web has issued an alert about a new form of crypto-ransomware that targets users of Linux-based operating systems. Designated as "Linux.Encoder.1" by the company, the malware largely targets Web servers, encrypting their contents and demanding a ransom of one Bitcoin (currently about $500).Many of the systems that have b
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Booming crypto ransomware industry employs new tricks to befuddle victims

Ransomware that uses strong cryptography to hold entire hard drives' worth of data hostage keeps getting nastier, as criminals attempt to find new ways to extort more people into paying increasingly hefty ransoms to recover their files.A case in point is Chimera, a relative newcomer to the crypto ransom racket that targets primarily businesses. In an attempt
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FBI Recommends Crypto Ransomware Victims Just Pay

Crypto ransomware is a type of malware that holds you ransom by encrypting your files and has been around for a while, but the FBI recently said at a cyber security summit that they advise companies that fall victim just to pay.Such malware tends to use pretty strong encryption algorithms like RSA-2048, which you aren’t going to be able to crack. So ya
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