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Equifax or Equiphish?

More than a week after it said most people would be eligible to enroll in a free year of its TrustedID identity theft monitoring service, big three consumer credit bureau Equifax has begun sending out email notifications to people who were able to take the company up on its offer. But in yet another security stumble, the company appears to be training recipi
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Breach at Equifax May Impact 143M Americans

Equifax, one of the “big-three” U.S. credit bureaus, said today a data breach at the company may have affected 143 million Americans, jeopardizing consumer Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and some driver’s license numbers. In a press release today, Equifax [NYSE:EFX] said it discovered the “unauthorized access” o
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Class Action for Neiman Marcus Card Data Breach Reinstated

A panel of judges in the 7th U.S District Court of Appeals have reinstated a class action suit against the retailer Neiman Marcus in connection with a data breach that occurred back in 2013.Between July 16, 2013 and October 30, 2013, malware secretly installed on its systems collected the payment card information of Neiman Marcus customers. This led to as ma
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New Bill Would Grant Lifetime Credit Monitoring to OPM Victims

A group of lawmakers are proposing victims of last month’s expansive Office of Personnel Management hack receive lifetime fraud protection and credit monitoring.Democratic lawmakers on Monday presented the Reducing the Effects of the Cyberattack on OPM Victims Emergency Response, or RECOVER Act. If approved, the act would give the 22.5 million victims
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