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Cyberthreats to financial institutions 2020: Overview and predictions

Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2019. Advanced threat predictions for 2020 Cybersecurity of connected healthcare 2020: Overview and predictions 5G technology predictions 2020 Corporate security prediction 2020 Key events 2019 Large-scale anti-fraud bypass: Genesis digital fingerprints market uncovered Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and biometric challenges
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Magecart Group 4: A link with Cobalt Group?

Note: This blog post is a collaboration between the Malwarebytes and HYAS Threat Intelligence teams. Magecart is a term that has become a household name, and it refers to the theft of credit card data via online stores. The most common scenario is for criminals to compromise e-commerce sites by injecting rogue JavaScript code designed to steal any informa
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An Oversight in Online Payments Allows Cards to be Hacked in Seconds

The countdown to year’s end almost inevitably means an increase in online purchases. On the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a full-blown consumerist race kicks off the goes until January. This 2016 will continue to show consumers turning more and more to e-commerce for their gift giving needs. However, the convenience of paying by credit card online
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Loop of Confidence

With the arrival of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay in Russia, many are wondering just how secure these payment systems are, and how popular they are likely to become. A number of experts have commented on this, basing their opinions on the common stereotypes of Android being insecure and the attacks which currently take place on wireless payments. In our opinion
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Advanced Attacks against Hotel Chains: A practical example

Recently, we published a report where we discussed the numerous attacks on major hotel chains. The attacks were directed mainly towards credit card theft. Attackers do this by infecting point-of-sale terminals in these types of establishments. A few days ago, one of our Adaptive Defense 360 clients, a luxury hotel chain, suffered an attack. I wanted to take
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Cyber-criminals really “Like” Facebook

With 1,590 million active users per month, Facebook is the Social Network. In fact, they just posted their quarterly earnings and they are up 50%. Cyber-criminals are aware of their success. These platforms are the ideal place to “phish” for information. 18% of companies infected by malware were infected through social networks. Attackers pass as part of a
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The rise of the Brazilian Cybercriminal Underground in 2015

Trend Micro has published a new report on the Brazilian Cybercriminal Underground, a criminal ecosystem that is becoming one of the most important in the world. Trend Micro has published a new report on the Brazilian Cybercriminal Underground, a criminal ecosystem that is becoming one of the most important in the world. A firs
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Beaches, carnivals and cybercrime: a look inside the Brazilian underground

 Download PDF version Introduction The Brazilian criminal underground includes some of the world’s most active and creative perpetrators of cybercrime. Like their counterparts in China and Russia, their cyberattacks have a strong local flavor. To fully understand them you need spend time in the country and understand its language and culture. The
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Forged Module Hack Compromised Credit Cards’ Chip and Pin Technology, Say Researchers

Over the course of the last decade, major credit card companies have begun to implement EMV or “chip and pin” technology. This system requires that a card reader retrieve the customer’s information off of their card’s magnetized chip, which is followed by the cardholder entering in their PIN number.As a result, chip and pin essentiall
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Why Companies Are Still Unprepared for the EMV Transition

While the national transition to Europay, MasterCard and Visa, known as EMV or “Chip and PIN,” is well underway, a recent study found that as many as 42 percent of companies have either taken no steps or are unaware of any progress being made to meet the October 1, 2015, deadline.The EMV readiness study conducted by Randstad Technologies, which surveyed IT d
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A deep look into the Brazilian underground cyber-market

Trend Micro has published a new study on black cyber-markets focusing on product and services offered on the Brazilian underground. Trend Micro has published a new interesting report on the underground cyber-markets, this is a third study focused on the Brazilian cyber-underground offer, the previous ones analyzed Russian and
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HSBC Turkey loses 2.7m card details; but won’t reissue

HSBC Turkey loses 2.7m card details; but won’t reissue HSBC Turkey revealed last week that 2.7 million customer card details had been compromised.In a statement HSBC claimed to have detected the compromise itself via its own internal controls within a few days of it occurring. Tr
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Hopes Are High for Apple Pay Security

Apple will not be fading from the news anytime soon. In fact, one of its most anticipated announcements this year—Apple Pay—is slated to come out next month.Apple Pay is a new feature available on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that enables users to make “contactless” payments by transferring their debit or credit card from their iTunes account to Passbook.
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Home Depot Investigating Possible Massive Data Breach

Home Depot may be the latest retailer to suffer a costly data breach, and if early indications are correct, the hackers may have been on the home giant’s network longer than hackers were on Target’s systems, and a greater number of consumers may be at risk.A Home Depot representative confirmed that retailer is seeing “unusual activity” on its network and has
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