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New "PoSeidon" Point of Sale Malware Spotted in the Wild

A new and terribly awful breed of Point-of-Sale (POS) malware has been spotted in the wild by the security researchers at Cisco's Talos Security Intelligence & Research Group that the team says is more sophisticated and nasty than previously seen Point of Sale malware.The Point-of-Sale malware, dubbed "PoSeidon", is designed in a way that it has the ca
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Beware of Skimming Devices Installed on the ATM Vestibule Doors

Despite anti-skimmer ATM Lobby access control system available in the market, we have seen a number of incidents in recent years where criminals used card skimmers at ATM doors.Few years back, cyber criminals started using card skimmers on the door of the ATM vestibule, where customers have to slide their credit or debit cards to gain access to the ATM.The
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Smart ATM offers Cardless Cash Withdrawal to Avoid Card Skimmers

Banks have tried every effort, from providing Magnetic Stripes based Credit and Debit Cards to Chip-and-Pin Cards, in order to secure its users from credit card cloning and card Skimmers.It has been known from years that Magnetic stripe are incredibly hackable, but Chip-n-Pin cards have also been hacked and successfully cloned by a group of secur
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Visa Wants To Track Your Smartphone to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

If you are a traveler and loves to travel then you must be annoyed of those calls you sometimes get from your bank when buying things far from home, and the most annoyed part is when the company won't approve the transaction as it fears your card was stolen. VISA MOBILE LOCATION CONFIRMATION APPThe payment processing and credit card giant Visa has came for
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Hackers leak 13,000 Passwords Of Amazon, Walmart and Brazzers Users

Hackers claiming affiliation with the hacktivist group "Anonymous" have allegedly leaked more than 13,000 username and password combinations for some of the worlds most popular websites, including Amazon, Xbox Live and Playstation Network.The stolen personal information was released in a massive text document posted to the Internet file-sharing website Ghost
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Quantum Encryption Makes Credit Cards Fraud-Proof

Credit card frauds are very common these days – today a data breach occurs in retailer’s shop, online shopping site or banking site and at the next moment millions of cards appears in the underground black market – how simple is that for cyber criminals nowadays. But imagine if there is no possible way to hack credit cards and ID cards. See
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Hackers Can Steal $999,999.99 from Visa Contactless Payment Cards

Security researchers from Newcastle University in the UK have found a way to steal larger amounts of money from people's pockets using just a mobile phone, due to a security glitch Visa’s contactless payment cards.Contactless payment cards use a cryptoprocessor and RFID technology to perform secure transactions without a need to insert the card in a re
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TripAdvisor's Viator Hit by Massive 1.4 Million Payment Card Data Breach

TripAdvisor has reportedly been hit by a massive data breach at its Online travel booking and review website Viator, that may have exposed payment card details and account credentials of its customers, affecting an estimated 1.4 million of its customers.The San Francisco-based Viator, acquired by TripAdvisor – the world's largest travel site – fo
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'The Home Depot' Data Breach Put 56 Million Payment Cards at Risk

Home Depot, the nation’s largest home improvement retailer, announced on Thursday that a total of 56 million unique payment cards were likely compromised in a data breach at its stores, suggesting that the data breach on Home improvement chain was larger than the Target data breach that occurred last year during Christmas holidays.The data theft occurr
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Twitter Vulnerability Allows Hacker to Delete Credit Cards from Any Twitter Account

At the beginning of this month, just like other social networks, Twitter also started paying individuals for any flaws they uncover on its service with a fee of $140 or more offered per flaw under its new Bug Bounty program, and here comes the claimant.An Egyptian Security Researcher, Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Aboul-Ela, who have been rewarded by many repute
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