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Craigslist Back Online Following DNS Hijack

The popular classifieds website Craigslist is back online today following a DNS attack that forced it offline for several hours Sunday evening.According to a blogpost Sunday night by Craigslist’s CEO Jim Buckmaster, DNS records maintained at one of Craigslist’s domain registrars were compromised shortly after 5 p.m. PST, and in turn, redirected u
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Craigslist Down After DNS Attack

Craigslist, the well-known web classifieds site, is currently offline for many users following a DNS attack.According to Brad Volz, a network engineer at Craigslist, someone compromised the site’s account at one of its registrants on Sunday evening, causing the name server (NS) records to migrate.“That issue has since been corrected,” Volz explained, “but th
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5 Nigerian gangs and their US accomplices are behind most Craigslist buyer scams

George Mason University researchers Damon McCoy and Jackie Jones have found that the majority of Craigslist buyer scams originate from one of only 5 Nigerian gangs - with substantial help from US-based accomplices.The researchers posted "honeypot" ads for laptops - priced, on average, at a 10% premium over Amazon in order to weed out most legitimate buyers.
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