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Low-income consumers preyed on by fake ISP during pandemic, FCC says

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has proposed a fine of $220,210 against Kyle Traxler of Ohio for allegedly establishing the bogus internet provider, Cleo Communications, to scam low-income consumers. The victims believed they were receiving government-approved discounts on internet services and devices during pandemic lockdowns in the US. In a
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Looking for Cyber Insurance? Know Your Eligibility

Before leaving on an extended (and expensive) vacation, I bought travel insurance. I wanted to protect myself in case I or my traveling partner tested positive for COVID-19. I had to answer a number of questions about my eligibility for such insurance before they would approve me. Nor did the insurance come cheap, but I wanted to protect myself and recover
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To Retain Cybersecurity Employees, Know What Drives Them

COVID-19 may have given cybersecurity talent retention an artificial prop up over the last two years. For example, job satisfaction was on a downward trend from 2018 to 2019, but with the pandemic came a plateau in 2020 and 2021. Was the plateau due to newfound satisfaction or were there other factors, such as economic instability, lockdowns and mandates? I
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Double-whammy attack follows fake Covid alert with a bogus bank call

The BBC has revealed details of how a food bank in the UK was conned out of about $63,000 (£50,000) by scammers who used two separate attacks to fleece their victims. A food bank is a way for people to ensure they don’t starve. They are a backstop during times of economic uncertainty, and have been hugely important during the pandemic. An attack on
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How COVID-19 fuelled a surge in malware

2021 saw a massive surge in detections of malware, adware, and Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). It didn’t matter what the computers were used for or what operating system they ran—across business and home computers, on Windows and on Mac, detections went up, enormously. Detections of malware on Windows business machines were 143% higher in 2021
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College closes down after ransomware attack

Lincoln College, one of the few rural schools in Illinois, said that it will permanently close on Friday, May 13, after 157 years, partly due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and partly due to a long recovery after a ransomware attack in December 2021. The institution notified the Illinois Department of Higher Education and Higher Learning Commission
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Steer clear of this “TestNTrace” SMS spam

p>Yesterday I received an SMS from “TestNTrace”, with the message resembling an official NHS communication: The text reads as follows: NHS: You’ve been in close contact with a person who has contracted the Omicron variant. Please order a test kit via: [URL redacted] Well, that’s an alarming thing to wake up to. However, not everything is as it f
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Four SMB cybersecurity practices during geopolitical upheaval

Russia’s continued, weeklong invasion of Ukraine has altered the landscape of cybersecurity threats facing organizations both near and far from the physical threat of war. Disinformation is spreading and being actively fought. The old hacker group Anonymous promised “cyber war” against Russia. One ransomware group swore to launch retaliatory attacks for a
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Potential cybersecurity impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

On Thursday night, Russia launched a military invasion of its neighbor and former Soviet Union member Ukraine, drawing a broad rebuke from international leaders, along with significant protest from the Russian public. The toll of human life from this war is unknown, and, like the many international acts of aggression that have preceded it, future figures
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Watch out for Omicron COVID-19-themed phishing messages!

Threat actors have started to exploit the interest in the Omicron COVID-19 variant and are using it as a lure in phishing campaigns. Crooks have already started exploiting the interest in the Omicron COVID-19 variant and are using it as a lure in phishing attacks. People are interested in the spreading of the new variant, the efficiency of the vaccine
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What We’ve Learnt From Home Learning During Lockdown

I think it’s fair to say that come to next Australia Day, there needs to be a special award category for parents of young children who survived home learning during the lockdowns. Let’s be honest – it’s been brutal! So many parents had to juggle their own full-time work, running a household, AND supervising a day’s worth of learning for often, multiple child
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UK Covid App Goes Offline

As winter sets in and Covid cases begin to rise again, governments are starting to reintroduce restrictions on social activities. Many countries are imposing additional restrictions for indoor venues like restaurants and bars for instance. Customers must show proof of vaccination before they are allowed entry. As part of these new containment protocols, most
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Designing a BYOD Approach for the Future

  Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies were some of the many things that changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. A study from Palo Alto Networks by ONR found 60% of companies expanded their BYOD policies to help employees manage the shift to remote work at the beginning of the pandemic. However, the convenience that the new BYOD policies provided ofte
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Beware of COVID Pass scams

You’ve likely seen fake parcel delivery texts in the news recently, and we’ve covered a few of these ourselves. SMS missives claim a package is waiting to be delivered, and a small processing fee is required. There is no package; it’s a ruse to have people hand over their credit card details. It’s been wildly successful during lockdown, at a time when many a
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A week in security (August 2 – August 8)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: RDP brute force attacks explainedThe 3 biggest threats reaching for your antivirus software’s off switchZoom and gloom? Video comms org agrees to settle for $85mCOVID-19 vaccine appointment system attacked in ItalyChrome casts away the padlock – is it good riddance or farewell?NSA issues advice for securing wireless d
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