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DragonOK APT is adopting new tactics, techniques and procedures

Researchers at Palo Alto Networks recently observed the DragonOK APT group adopting new tactics, techniques and procedures. China-linked cyber espionage group DragonOK is back, security experts from Palo Alto Networks have uncovered a new campaign leveraging the KHRAT remote access Trojan (RAT). The DragonOk group (also known as NetTraveler (TravNet), PlugX,
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China-Linked DragonOK APT Group continues updating tools and tactics

The China-linked DragonOK continues updating tools and tactics and targeted entities in various countries, including Russia and Tibet. It was September 2014, when security researchers at FireEye spotted for the first time the cyber espionage activities of a Chinese state-sponsored group dubbed DragonOK. At the time, FireEye discovered two hacking campaigns c
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Hacking enterprise wireless Printers with a drone or a vacuum cleaner

A group of researchers from the iTrust has demonstrated how to use a Drone to intercept wireless printer transmissions from outside an office building. Recently I wrote a blog post on the Infosec Institute titled “Modern Physical Security Awareness Is More Than Dumpster Diving” where I explain how the concept of
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Company’s data at risk due to the use of mobile gambling apps

Veracode has conducted a research on the security of several mobile gambling apps and discovered a number of flaws that expose enterprises to serious risks. If you belong to a global corporation, the most probably think you will find out is that some of your colleagues have installed mobile apps that don’t belong to the work e
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War shipping, hacking corporate WLan with a Raspberry Pi board

Security expert Larry Pesce has designed a war shipping board-sized package that could be used to hack wireless networks through the post. The corporate espionage is considered one of the most dangerous threats for private business, but also for government entities, we have discussed in the past about various kinds of offensiv
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FireEye uncovered two cyber espionage campaigns operating in parallel from China

FireEye discovered two distinct groups of Chinese hackers operating cyber espionage campaigns on a large-scale in parallel. Security experts at FireEye have discovered two hacking campaigns conducted by distinct groups operating in separate regions of China that seems to work in parallel. The first team of hackers, named Moafe
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Dyre Zeus variant malware used for corporate espionage

Security experts warn Dyre malware is being used by cyber criminals for corporate espionage instead harvest banking credentials. Dyre is the name of a new variant of the immortal Zeus banking trojan worries cyber security experts, this new strain doesn’t limit its stealing activity to user’s banking credentials, bu
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