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Trend Micro Discovers Apache Cordova Vulnerability that Allows One-Click Modification of Android Apps

We’ve discovered a vulnerability in the Apache Cordova app framework that allows attackers to modify the behavior of apps just by clicking a URL. The extent of the modifications can range from causing nuisance for app users to crashing the apps completely. Designated as CVE-2015-1835, this high-severity vulnerability affects all versions of Apache Cordova up
Publish At:2015-06-09 19:25 | Read:3032 | Comments:0 | Tags:Mobile Vulnerabilities android apache cordova Google vunerab

Taking Back My Privacy – DIY Secure Phone

Taking Back My Privacy – DIY Secure Phone Over the last week I decided to start a new project mostly as a proof of concept but also down to curiosity as to how easy/difficult it would be – I decided to try to make myself a secure phone.Hardware-wise it was fairly simple, I
Publish At:2014-11-14 19:00 | Read:4401 | Comments:0 | Tags:Alexander Hanff Expert Views News_privacy Android Asterisk B


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