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A week in security (July 25 – July 31)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: Update Google Chrome now! New version includes 11 important security patchesLightning Framework, modular Linux malwareMalware spent months hoovering up credit card details from 300 US restaurantsLock down your Neopets account: Data breach being investigatedDemo: Your data has been encrypted! Stopping ransomware attacks with
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Google delays Chrome third party cookie sunsetting…again

We’ve seen many examples of third-party cookies being tackled by browsers recently. It’s not so long ago that Firefox effectively locked down third-party tracking by isolating cookies into so-called jars. By doing so, their “Total Cookie Protection” seeks to prevent all those cookies on your PC communicating with one another. This mea
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Firefox stops advertisers tracking you as you browse, calls itself the most “private and secure major browser̶

Cookies are in the news as Mozilla rolls out significant privacy changes for Firefox. The idea is to dramatically lessen the risk of privacy-invading tracking across websites without your knowledge. Tracking cookies have been a hot topic in recent months, as advertisers try switching to other methods of tracking. Will this make a noticeable difference to peo
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Goodbye cookies, hello digital fingerprints

For many years, internet marketers have used a technology called ‘cookies’ to track what people read and interact with online. Using the collected information they are able to build extremely detailed profiles about what we like and dislike, and to then use that information to target us with advertisements that are more relevant to us. More relevant ads mean
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Credential-stealing malware disguises itself as Telegram, targets social media users

p>A credential-stealing Windows-based malware, Spyware.FFDroider, is after social media credentials and cookies, according to researchers at ThreatLabz. The version analyzed by the researchers was packed with Aspack. The spyware is offered on download sites pretending to be installers for freeware and cracked versions of paid software. The analyzed versio
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A week in security (January 3 – 9)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: Ransomware attacks Finalsite, renders 8,000 school sites unreachable for daysPatchwork APT caught in its own webSophisticated phishing scheme spent years robbing authors of their unpublished workGoogle and Facebook fined $240 million for making cookies hard to refuseNew iPhone malware spies via camera when device appears of
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Google and Facebook fined $240 million for making cookies hard to refuse

French privacy watchdog, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), has hit Google with a 150 million euro fine and Facebook with a 60 million euro fine, because their websites—google.fr, youtube.com, and facebook.com—don’t make refusing cookies as easy as accepting them. The CNIL carried out an online investigation aft
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Github cookie leakage – thousands of Firefox cookie files uploaded by mistake

byPaul DucklinRemember when people used to upload their SSH keys onto Github and similar code sharing sites by mistake?Two years ago, we wrote about the fact that incautious software developers had uploaded hundreds of thousands of private access control keys, entirely unintentionally, along with source code files that they did intend to make public.Typicall
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How to Live a Digital Life Free of Spyware

Spyware is tricky. Some types notify users that they’re monitoring activity. Others function in stealth mode and use the information they collect for nefarious purposes. Spyware is a type of software that collects data about online users and reports it to a company or an individual. What just about everyone can agree on is that anonymous browsing is looking
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How social media mistakes can impact cybersecurity

We talked to members of our Malware Removal Support team and asked them what kind of problems they get asked to solve for our customers. To understand why they get to handle these questions, it is also necessary to know that the Malwarebytes software is unable to resolve the problems users are facing. Many of these problems can be categorized under the h
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What are computer cookies?

We all know cookies as tasty baked treats that we love to eat, but computer cookies are quite different. Although they’re most popularly known as just “cookies”, they may be referred to as browser cookies, Internet cookies, HTTP cookies, web cookies, computer cookies, or digital cookies. What are cookies? Cookies are pieces of information t
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Google delays Chrome third-party-cookie removal to 2023

Google will delay the elimination of third-party cookies from its Chrome browser to at least the end of 2023, a year later than previously established. The company declared in January last year its intention to abandon by 2022 these files, used to learn about the online behavior of Internet users. This announcement generated great concern in the advertising
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What is Incognito mode? Our private browsing 101

Incognito mode is the name of Google Chrome’s private browsing mode, but it’s also become the catch-all term used to describe this type of web surfing, regardless of the browser being used. Some call it Private Mode, others call it Private Browsing. Apple almost certainly got there first, yet Chrome’s 2008 creation has largely become the generic name for all
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Privacy Concerns On Cookies Storing Personal Information

Which are privacy concerns on the way organizations collect personal information through the use of cookies? Data is constantly being tracked, stored and processed right under our noses, and it is quite frightening to know just how much data a company might have on you. They may not have your deepest darkest secrets (or maybe they do), but they have a tra
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Progressive Web Apps and Cookies: Taking a Bite Out of Security

To prevent cookie theft, have cyber defense baked in. With progressive web apps (PWA) and other relatively new protective efforts in place, how can you be sure you’re defending against today’s attackers? Here’s what enterprise needs to know about the rumbling threat of pass-the-cookie attacks, how current cloud and mobile frameworks like P
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