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Deepfakes and the 2020 United States election: missing in action?

If you believe reports in the news, impending deepfake disaster is headed our way in time for the 2020 United States election. Political intrigue, dubious clips, mischief and mayhem were all promised. We’ll need to be careful around clips of the President issuing statements about being at war, or politicians making defamatory statements. Everything is up for
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Moldovan National Pleaded Guilty to Role in Digital Crime Enterprise

A national of the Republic of Moldova pleaded guilty to his role in a digital crime enterprise that caused hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.On July 31, Valerian Chiochiu (aka “Onassis,” “Flagler,” “Socrate,” and “Eclessiastes”), 30, pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act before U.
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eBay staff charged with cyberstalking, sending fetal pig and spiders

byLisa VaasThis is a Halloween mask depicting the face of a bloody pig: IMAGE: Court documentsIt’s not pretty, but at least it doesn’t scurry. You can’t say the same for the other packages sent in a cyberstalking campaign allegedly orchestrated by eBay management and targeted at a Natick, Massachusetts couple who run an online e-commerce n
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Seven Online Scammers Prison Bound for International Fraud Conspiracy

Seven online scammers will soon begin serving out prison sentences for their involvement in an international fraud conspiracy.On 7 September, Funso Hassan, 27, of Ibadan, Nigeria, and Anthony Shane Jeffers, 44, of Maryville, Tennessee received orders to serve out 10 years of jail time.Their prison sentences come five months after both individuals pleaded gui
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Woman Gets Jail Time for Conspiring to Export U.S. Military Tech to China

It’s no secret the United States and the People’s Republic of China don’t have the best relationship when it comes to hacking. Over the years, the latter has denied its involvement in numerous hacking attacks against U.S. targets, including the Office of Personnel Management, that security firms have attributed to the Chinese government.Unf
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