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Your new car may be safer and smarter, but is it cyber-secure?

The auto industry reached an important milestone in 2020: more than half of the cars sold globally included internet connectivity as a standard feature. Modern vehicles have started to resemble mobile supercomputers, with each one containing millions of lines of code and able to process vast amounts of data. They’ve also begun integrating with mobile
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Volkswagen to Launch New Automotive Cybersecurity Firm

Volkswagen announced it’s partnering with top Israeli experts to establish a new cybersecurity company aimed at protecting connected cars.In a press release on Wednesday, the German automaker said the newly founded firm – called CyMotive Technologies – will develop advanced security solutions for next-generation vehicles and mobile services.Former head of th
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Security week-in-review: Connected cars finally see bug bounty love

It’s hard to keep up with the hundreds of security-specific headlines published every week. So, we’re rounding up the top news that affect you, your business, and the security and technology industry overall. This week we explore car hacking, Pokemon Go, and data breach investigations. Check back every Friday to learn about the latest in security news. Fi
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The InfoSecond, Sept. 21–25: Connected Cars, Cloud Enforcer and More!

New Season, New Format Don’t adjust your video player: the format of The InfoSecond has in fact been altered, albeit slightly. While the goal of highlighting key security stories remains, we’ve added a focus on brevity in an effort to deliver you the top infosec and cybersecurity stories even faster! On the docket this week, we’ve got stori
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Connected Cars: Safe to Drive, Safe to Own

A modern car is a wonderful piece of engineering. Even at its most basic, these vehicles provide levels of road holding, economy, safety and comfort that make their predecessors of only a decade ago seem like tractors in comparison. While a modern car’s performance is miles ahead of its forebears, manufacturers know that they cannot rest on their laure
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Check out our co-founder’s security advice to the auto industry in TechCrunch

After hacking a Tesla over the past year, Kevin Mahaffey came to a simple conclusion: “When you connect a car to the Internet, it is no longer just a car: It is a computer on wheels.” He recently published his thoughts in an Op/Ed with TechCrunch, which you can read here. Computers need a special kind of security attention. It’s not enough to crash plastic
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When car hacking has become a scaring reality

Security experts have no doubt about the evolution of the car hacking, we are just at the beginning and we need improve cyber security urgently. The last weeks were very interesting for the security experts interested in the cyber security of modern connected cars. People is even more curious about the car hacking following th
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Hacking a Tesla Model S: What we found and what we learned

With connected automobiles, the stakes for getting security right have never been higher. “What’s the worst that could happen?” is a lot more serious when you’re talking about a computer that can travel 100+ MPH. When an industry without experience in Internet security starts connecting things to the Internet, it typically makes a number of mistakes both in
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The new assembly line: 3 best practices for building (secure) connected cars

Connected cars about to change the auto industry’s assembly line. Vehicles are becoming computers on wheels and now have more in common with your laptop than they do the Model T. Just as smartphones have supplanted non-Internet-connected phones, connected cars will supplant non-Internet-connected cars. Auto manufacturers need to become software companies if
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