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IT threat evolution Q3 2019

Targeted attacks and malware campaigns Mobile espionage targeting the Middle East At the end of June we reported the details of a highly targeted campaign that we dubbed ‘Operation ViceLeaker’ involving the spread of malicious Android samples via instant messaging. The campaign affected several dozen victims in Israel and Iran. We discovered this
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Mobile apps and stealing a connected car

The concept of a connected car, or a car equipped with Internet access, has been gaining popularity for the last several years. The case in point is not only multimedia systems (music, maps, and films are available on-board in modern luxury cars) but also car key systems in both literal and figurative senses. By using proprietary mobile apps, it is possible
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Tech firms want to save the auto industry—and the connected car—from itself

As we've noted before, Ars readers are extremely skeptical about the whole "connected car" thing. That's not because Ars is a technology site for luddites—the sad truth is that the car industry's approach to security lags far behind its desire to expose the inner thoughts of our cars to us via the cloud.Further ReadingFiat Chrysler recalls 1.4 million cars o
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Attacking Automobiles: Inside a Connected Car’s Points of Vulnerability

Hacking cars has made big headlines in recent months. Back in July of this year, security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek won the attention of the information security community and beyond when they successfully hacked a Jeep Cherokee’s computer via its Uconnect infotainment system.The duo was able to rewrite the automobile’s firmwar
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Car Hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek will work at Uber

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, the famous car hackers who recently demonstrated that some Fiat Chrysler cars can be remotely hijacked, have been hired by ridesharing giant Uber. The popular hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek who recently hackers a Fiat connected car have announced that they have been hired by the Uber
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Tesla Motor sent a patch to fix flaws in its connected car

Tesla Motors Inc admitted to have sent an update to patch security vulnerabilities discovered by a couple of cyber security experts. Tesla Motors Inc has announced that it has distributed a software update to fix security vulnerabilities in the Tesla Model S sedan. According to the company an attacker by exploiting the flaw co
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Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Vehicles After Jeep Cherokee PoC Hack

Fiat Chrysler has recalled 1.4 million vehicles following security researchers hacked a Jeep Cherokee remotely by exploiting a vulnerability in its systems. One of the arguments most debated in the hacking and security community this week is the recent hack of a Fiat Chrysler Jeep. The security experts Chris Valasek and Charli
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Hackers take over remotely a Fiat Chrysler connected car

The popular hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have demonstrated how to hack a connected car remotely. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek do not need any introduction, they are two stars of the hacking community that have alerted several times automotive industry regarding the risks related to the hack of connected cars.
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CONNECTED CARS: Which are risks for automated vehicles?

Findings reveal that there is a clear lack of appropriate security measures to protect drivers of a connected car against hackers. “Findings reveal that there is a clear lack of appropriate security measures to protect drivers against hackers who may be able to take control of a vehicle or against those who may wish to collect
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