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Disposable Computing is the Essence of Bromium’s Micro-Virtualization

We live in a disposable society, from our ever-present convenience foods in throw-away packaging to online speed-dating tailor-made for today’s low attention-span, instant gratification, swipe-left culture. Why be stuck with the same cruddy old PC filled up with accumulated digital gunk day after day, when you can have a squeaky-clean brand new computer eac
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Disposable Computing is the Answer to Cyber Security for Business

Disposability has become a regular thing in our lives; but you may have taken for granted the value it brings. Cost, convenience and risk are the cornerstones of successful disposability. Disposable computing offers a solution to cyber security and provides you with valuable threat information. This is the first in our two-part series on disposable computi
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A Brief History of Computing: As Technology Evolves, Cybersecurity Lags Behind

Security isn’t what it used to be, especially in the area of computing. It has become far more ephemeral, less obvious and much more important. To keep pace with the evolving threat landscape, we all need to reset our expectations about what cybersecurity actually is in today’s world and look carefully at what it might become. Early Computing In
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Women in Information Security: Zoё Rose

Women are eagerly needed in information security because we offer unique perspectives and there are so few of us.So far in this series, I interviewed Tiberius Hefflin, Tracy Maleef, Isly, Kat Sweet, and Jess Dodson–five different women from different parts of the English-speaking world and from different areas of IT.For my sixth and final interview, I
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Panda Security Scoop Advanced Award from Computing

Panda Security were delighted to attend Computing’s Security Excellence Awards 2016, held in the heart of London on 24th November, and took home one of the major prizes with Adaptive Defense named best solution against Advanced Persistent Threats. This first award ceremony from the UK’s leading business technology publication Computing, celebrating ac
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Watson Is Getting Ready from IBM to Deal with Hackers

IBM has targeted hackers, bringing Watson (its computer brain) in the game, with the help of eight prominent US universities IBM’s computer brain, or else Watson, has been known to multitask, already involved in fighting cancer and cooking and so many other things. Right now, the focus of IBM has been placed towards dealing with hackers and therefore a whole
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