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COMELEC breach data released online, fully searchable

On March 27, the COMELEC (Philippines’ Commission on Elections) website was defaced and data on up to 55 million registered voters in the Philippines was compromised. At the time, a COMELEC spokesman stated that “There is no sensitive information there”. Presumably frustrated by the response, one hacker (or group of hackers) have decided to depos
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If you hack us, do we not bleed? Stratford-tc(dot)gov(dot)uk defaced

Is this a hacker I see before me? It would appear so, given that the .gov site for Stratford-upon-Avon town council – home of The Bard and the upcoming 400 year anniversary of his death – played host to the following defacement: The site is located at stratford-tc(dot)gov(dot)uk and the text read as follows: Qur'an 3:19: - Indeed the religion in
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Thousands of Hacked Sites Lead to Offer of Famous Spy Software

We have recently received a tip from one of our researchers, Steven Burn, who is continuously investigating on several persistent Facebook hacking scams—In case you’re not aware, some scams come and go every now and then, with the individuals or group behind them merely rehashing the same lures and tactics; services that offer the hacking of Facebook account
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Ashley Madison Compromised, 37 Million Users Left Panicking

In an age where everyone wants to keep their private information…well…private, it seems strange that so many would place very personal details on websites which resemble gigantic emergency flares painting 50 foot “All your dox be here” messages in the sky. Sure enough, something like 34 million people may be waking up today to news of
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Be Careful on your (Digital) Travels

If you were planning on visiting Bogor at, er, Visitbogor(dot)com you may want to leave your online passport at home until the site owners fix a bump in the itinerary. Namely: a webpage defacement bearing shout-outs to various hacker crews and individuals. In 2010, Bogor was voted as the most attractive tourist destination in Indonesia so it has a fair bit o
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A history lesson brought to you by the Nuclear exploit kit

During our malware investigations, we are often learning about new techniques or ways the bad guys try to bypass us. But sometimes, we also experience cultural differences or discover some new things about people or countries. Today is such a case, with a bit of a geography lesson brought to us by the Nuclear exploit kit, which takes us to Croatia. Our journ
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Compromised WordPress sites launch drive-by attacks off Pirate Bay clone

WordPress, the leading Content Management System, is one of cyber criminals’ favourite target when it comes to hacking websites. Contrary to some beliefs, it’s not because WordPress is a bad or insecurely designed CMS. As it is often the case, problems often come from the users themselves who aren’t keeping it up to date or like to tear it
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Philippine .Gov Compromised by Anti-ISIS Defacement, Phishing

There’s a ph(dot)gov website located at canaman(dot)gov(dot)ph which serves the region of Canaman in the Philippines. The homepage as it currently stands: We heal diseases, imperfect world. War is declared against you [expletive deleted] Whoever our Moroccan hacker is, they’re not particularly happy about ISIS from the looks of it (there’s
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Bitcoin Exchange Bitstamp Offline Following Apparent Compromise

Bitstamp, a Bitcoin exchange based in the United Kingdom, remains offline this afternoon following what appears to have been a compromise over the weekend.The company tweeted shortly after 4 a.m. Monday that it had to temporarily halt all withdrawals  because it believes one of its wallets was compromised Sunday. In a warning on its site, Bitstamp apologized
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HSBC Turkey loses 2.7m card details; but won’t reissue

HSBC Turkey loses 2.7m card details; but won’t reissue HSBC Turkey revealed last week that 2.7 million customer card details had been compromised.In a statement HSBC claimed to have detected the compromise itself via its own internal controls within a few days of it occurring. Tr
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BrowserStack: “We did get hacked.”

BrowserStack, the cross-browser testing tool website, has not had a very good weekend. There was a compromise and a rather odd email was sent to customers. The email made a number of worrying claims regarding security, and – just to add that little extra dash of panic – was titled “BrowserStack is shutting down”: Just got this email.
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#HackerKast 7: Drupal Compromise, Tor + Bitcoin Decloaking, Verizon’s ‘Perma-Cookie,’ and Formula One

This week Jeremiah Grossman, Robert Hansen and Matt Johansen discuss the latest around the recent compromise to Drupal which affects any Drupal 7 site that was not patched prior to Oct. 17. Also, Robert takes us to the Circuit of the Americas Track in Austin to talk a little about a Tor + Bitcoin can effectively decloak people and even allow users to steal
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Viator(dot)com Data Compromise: Are You Affected?

You may well be seeing an email appearing in your inbox from Viator.com, a website designed to help you find tours and trips overseas with none of the typical messing about such tasks usually involve. The emails have been sent out because it appears they had a breach and anything up to 1.4 million customers may have been potentially impacted by the compromis
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Researchers find it’s terrifyingly easy to hack traffic lights

Taking over a city’s intersections and making all the lights green to cause chaos is a pretty bog-standard Evil Techno Bad Guy tactic on TV and in movies, but according to a research team at the University of Michigan, doing it in real life is within the realm of anyone with a laptop and the right kind of radio. In a paper published this month, the researc
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TESCO Online Banking / Credit Card Customers: Watch where you’re logging in

If you do your online banking with TESCO, or indeed have a credit card with them you may want to be on the lookout for the following website which is hosting a rather large tally of login pages. The site in question is mrqos(dot)com(dot)au/kate/tess/tescr/login(dot)html and that particular site was flagged not so long ago in the Zone-H defacement mirror, wit
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