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AtomBombing, a new threat to your Windows

A few days ago Tal Liberman, a security researcher from the company enSilo revealed a new code injection technique that affects all Windows versions up to Windows 10. Due to the nature of this technique it is unlikely that it can be patched. In this article I’d like to shed light on this attack, its consequences and what can be done in order to protect ours
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Signature recognition, a reliable replacement for passwords?

Biometrics continue to stand first in line to replace traditional passwords. All those whose employees use long and complex combinations of letters and numbers will be looking forward to a system whereby all that is required is for a fingerprint or iris pattern to be recognized by a sensor in order to access the services that employees have to use every day
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Insiders, their costumes are so good you won’t even recognize them.

Knock knock! Trick or treat! Companies and cybercriminals play the same game. You could be opening back doors to cybercriminals this year, without even knowing it. You’ll lose this game if you don’t fight back. Ransomware attacks will capture your documents and the attackers will be expecting a big juicy reward (if you want your files back, that is). This Ha
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(In)Security Cameras

When security cameras are more like a hole than a protecting Wall, you have a problem. Cameras are a double-edged sword and webcams are the perfect example of that: they allow people to keep in touch with their loved ones and help companies hold meetings regardless of the distance between participants. However, even Mark Zuckerberg covers his laptop camera
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Most company training programs leave out important IT security information. Are you at risk?

Workers are the first and the weakest link in the security chain (including your boss), especially if they have not received adequate training to defend themselves against cyber-attackers. Sadly, if malware were to sieve into an employee’s Smartphone or mobile device it could potentially cost a company more than 8,000 euros. This is the beginning of the end
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