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How CISOs Can Foster Effective Comms and Build a Cybersecurity Program

For many organizations, security flows from the top down. That’s a problem when executives don’t emphasize security as much as they should. Cisco learned as much in its CISO Benchmark Study “Securing What’s Now and What’s Next 20 Cybersecurity Considerations for 2020.”Here are just some of the findings from Cisco’s study:A majority (89%) of respo
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Cybersecurity for journalists: How to defeat threat actors and defend freedom of the press

When you’re a journalist or work for the press, there may be times when you need to take extra cybersecurity precautions—more so than your Average Joe. Whether a reporter is trying to crowd-source information without revealing their story or operating in a country where freedom of the press is a pipe dream, cybersecurity plays an important role for any journ
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5 Tips to Get an “A” on Research Papers & Advance Your Infosec Career

John Callahan’s October article “4 Reasons to Get Your Masters in Cyber Security” made me think about how to help students and cyber professionals strengthen a critical soft skill: written communication.Research synthesis and analysis papers are common in academic environments. These critical thinking assignments require students to conduct research on speci
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4 People who can see what Porn you Watch, and 4 Tips to Stop it

In the grand scheme of things, there certainly are more important facets to online privacy than keeping one’s porn habits private (government overreach, identity theft, credit card fraud to name a few). However, adult browsing histories are one of the secrets in their online lives people want to protect the most, so it might be disconcerting to know that por
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Slovenian hacker who reported issues in Tetra Protocol gets prison sentence

A Slovenian student who reported configuration errors in the Tetra protocol used by the local Police gets a prison sentence. Ethical hacking could be very risky, this is the experience of a 26-year-old Slovenian student, Dejan Ornig, that had serious problems after the discovery of flaws in the Police Communications Protocol. It is incredible, but authoritie
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Anonymity is not Just for Criminals – 3 legit Reasons to Hide your Tracks Online

  In 1853 a strange new invention appeared in the English cityscape, and caused a small wave of moral outrage among Victorians. This perceived threat to social order was not a new drug, political movement or saucy romance novel, but the seemingly harmless letter box. One reason was the shocking development of women now being able to post letters without
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VIDEO: Mikko Hypponen at World Press Freedom Day

Today is World Press Freedom Day – a day created by UNESCO in recognition of the importance of free speech, as well as the important role journalists play in using this right to help inform citizens about what’s going on with the world around them. This year’s main event is being held in Helsinki, Finland, and co-hosted by the Finnish government. There was l
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WhatsApp is now secure by default – Why is it so important?

WhatsApp is not just any messaging app. It’s a quite unique combination of popularity and security. Many people know it as “the” messaging app. A natural choice that all your friends are using already, so it’s a no-brainer for you to use it too. But WhatsApp is also committed to provide a secure solution. They have been working with Whisper Systems for a lon
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The Danish Government Was Wise to Back Off ‘Session Logging’ – Here’s What It Should Do Instead

Denmark has taken a smart step back and has an opportunity to take an even smarter step forward. The government’s plan to bring back “session logging” after ditching the practice in 2014 would have been a wasteful venture into mass surveillance with a justification that never made sense. Officials were wise to pause for a few months to consider the tech
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We need more than just age limits to protect our children in social media

The European Union is preparing a new data protection package. It is making headlines because there are plans to raise the age limit for digital consent from 13 to 16 years. This has sometimes been describes as the age limit for joining social media. To be precise, member states could choose their age limit within this range. Younger kids would need parental
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Backdoors in messaging apps – what’s really going on?

We are in one of those phases again. The Paris attacks caused, once again, a cascade of demands for more surveillance and weakening of encryption. These demands appear every time, regardless of if the terrorists used encryption or not. The perhaps most controversial demand is to make backdoors mandatory in communication software. Encryption technology can be
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The Security Hypocrisy Conundrum

This year’s Cyber Awareness Month has once again, seen some great articles, tips and practical advice that we can share with our colleagues, friends, family and children.Actively encouraging a positive security aware culture is a vital part of what we do as security professionals, and we should always be seen to be setting the right example; shouldn’t we?I t
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Could you get fired like Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2?

Many people have fond memories of the Back to the Future saga – a series of movies chronicling the adventures of Marty McFly through time. In the three films, he uses a time machine to travel to various points in the past and future, encountering various challenges that he must overcome in order to return to his correct time of 1985. In the second film, he t
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Only 10% protected – Interesting study on travelers’ security habits

Kaisu who is working for us is also studying tourism. Her paper on knowledge of and behavior related to information security amongst young travelers was released in May, and is very interesting reading. The world is getting smaller. We travel more and more, and now we can stay online even when travelling. Using IT-services in unknown environments does howeve
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What Clicking Tells Online Trackers

The Internet is first and foremost a communication medium. Every link that people click, every character they enter, and every video they watch involves an exchange of information. And it’s not just a two-way conversation between a person and their computer, or a person and someone they’re chatting with. There’s more people than listening in, and because com
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