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Lacework Banks $525 Million as Cloud Security Market Heats Up

Lacework, a five-year-old cybersecurity company that automates security across enterprise cloud deployments, has reached unicorn status with the closing of a $525 million round of Series D financing.The Silicon Valley company, which automates security across public and private cloud deployments, is now valued north of $1 billion.Driven by post-pandemic digit
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Wasabi cloud storage service knocked offline for hosting malware

Source: Wasabi.comCloud storage provider Wasabi suffered an outage after a domain used for storage endpoints was suspended for hosting malware.Wasabi is a cloud storage provider that competes with solutions like Amazon S3 by offering significantly cheaper services, not charging egress or API fees, and promising a 99.999999999% data durability.Yesterday,
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Microsoft: SolarWinds hackers' goal was the victims' cloud data

Microsoft says that the end goal of the SolarWinds supply chain compromise was to pivot to the victims' cloud assets after deploying the Sunburst/Solorigate backdoor on their local networks.No new tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) were shared in a blog post published on Monday to provide Microsoft 365 Defender users with threat hunting techniques fo
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SolarWinds hackers aimed at access to victims’ cloud assets

Microsoft says that SolarWinds hackers aimed at compromising the victims’ cloud infrastructure after deploying the Solorigate backdoor (aka Sunburst). The Microsoft 365 Defender Team revealed that the goal of the threat actors behind the SolarWinds supply chain attack was to move to the victims’ cloud infrastructure once infected their network
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Windows 10 Cloud PC: What is known about Microsoft's new service

According to sources, Microsoft is developing a new virtualized Windows PC experience called 'Cloud PC' that allows administrators to deploy remotely accessible Windows 10 PCs in the cloud.With Cloud PC, Microsoft would handle your organization's device configuration with regular updates, security improvements, and managed support. This new feature is part o
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Apple iCloud outage prevents device activations, access to data

Apple users are experiencing problems setting up new devices or accessing files stored on the cloud due to an ongoing iCloud outage that has lasted for more than 24 hours.Starting yesterday at 4:45 AM EST, Apple has been experiencing an outage with its iCloud service that prevents users from logging into the service, accessing files, or setting up new d
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7 Cybersecurity Tools On Our Holiday Wish List

The holiday season is upon us. After a difficult year, and facing an even more challenging year ahead, digital defense experts don’t have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. Instead, they dream of cybersecurity tools and other resources to help them cope with a wild threat landscape.  Here’s our ultimate holiday wish list. 
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Cybereason Adopts Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Enhance its Platform Security

Security firm Cybereason has announced a new partnership with Oracle to enhance protection for customers in the face of a growing cyber-threat landscape.Firstly, it has adopted the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to run its automated Cyber Defense Platform. Cybereason said this will improve security and risk posture as well as reduce operational costs for custom
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A Google Cloud Platform Primer with Security Fundamentals

We’ve previously discussed best practices for securing Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services but, this time, we are going to turn our attention to Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is growing at an impressive 83 percent year over year but generally receives less focus than AWS and Azure.We can use some of our best practice cloud security k
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NSA warns of cloud attacks on authentication mechanisms

The US National Security Agency (NSA) warns of two techniques abused by threat actors for escalating attacks from local networks to cloud infrastructure. The US National Security Agency has published a security advisory that describes two techniques abused in recent attacks against cloud infrastructure. The attack techniques are abused by hackers are u
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Cloudhouse Acquires UpGuard Core to Help Customers Resolve Compliance Issues

Tech firm Cloudhouse Technologies has announced the acquisition of UpGuard Core, an infrastructure monitoring platform previously owned by UpGuard Inc. Cloudhouse said the move will help enable its customers to find, manage and resolve configuration and compliance issues throughout their IT infrastructure.UpGuard Core will now be renamed Cloudhouse Guardian
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Tufin Adds Support for Google Cloud

Security policy management firm Tufin (NYSE: TUFN) announced this week that the SecureCloud component of the Tufin Orchestration Suite now supports the Google Cloud Platform.Adding support for Google Cloud now allows Tufin customers to secure applications across the three leading cloud providers – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.Tufin
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Google Cloud Hires Goldman Sachs Man as First CISO

Google has hired the first security boss for its cloud business in the form of British-born Phil Venables.A 25+ year veteran of the industry with experience in CISO roles in some of the world’s biggest banks, Venables officially joined Google Cloud this month, according to his LinkedIn profile.After graduating from the University of York with a BSc in
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Cloud Security: Messy Blobs and Leaky Buckets

Moving to the cloud means a lot more than just moving your servers and applications to the cloud; it’s also about the data – and data always has a target on it.A lot of IT departments are finding that it’s easier to meet the “five nines” (99.999%) of uptime and availability by going outside their organization and letting AWS, Microsoft, or Google handle the
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Security Management: Why Companies Need a Unified Cloud Platform

We must adapt the way we secure data to today’s needs. Working from home has increased, forcing entities and their employees to rely more on virtual private networks (VPNs), work with their security operations center (SOC) colleagues remotely and give more attention to data protection. The global pandemic has sped up emerging trends in IT and cyb
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