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Another unsecured AWS S3 bucket exposed 4 million Time Warner Cable subscriber records

Experts reported that the AWS S3 storage containing subscriber data was left open by freelancers who handled web applications for the Time Warner Cable. A few days ago, researchers discovered of thousands of resumes of US Military and intel contractors left unsecured on an Amazon server, now roughly four million Time Warner Cable customers in the US were exp
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IDG Contributor Network: Why I won’t use Dropbox’s Project Infinite if it’s not open source

Dropbox recently unveiled Project Infinite that will go beyond the user-space level and go as deep as the kernel level to give users access to their content -- even on devices with small hard disks.What Dropbox is planning to do is work as a file system so everything that’s stored on your Dropbox will be accessible on your device without taking up any sp
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Should you store your data in the cloud?

It’s pretty simple to understand where a file goes when you save it on your PC. It lives on your hard drive, possibly housed in a set of folders you’ve created and organized yourself. That file is only stored on your computer, unless you decide to email it to yourself or save it on an external hard drive or USB. Now what about the cloud? At its m
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It's Buddy Week

It’s ecosystem partnership week. And data center stalwart Mellanox, SDN start-up Plexxi and Cisco partner vArmour have all delivered.Mellanox buddied up with Cumulus Networks to add Cumulus Linux NOS to its new Spectrum 10/25, 40/50, and 100 Gbps Ethernet switches. Mellanox itself has made multiple contributions of 10/25, 40/50, & 100G Ethernet switc
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Box makes it easier for businesses to control encryption of cloud data

Box has made it easier for its customers to control how stored data is encrypted with an update announced Thursday.The company announced a new service called Box KeySafe, which allows companies to control the keys used to encrypt data stored in Box. It comes in two flavors: a KeySafe with AWS Key Management Service that's designed to be easy for small co
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Email Is Not a File System

On Monday, the news buzzed with a story about a high school student who had managed to break into the email accounts of CIA Director John Brennan and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.We’ve seen this scenario played out all too often. The teen used the standard social engineering techniques to find out enough information about the targets to force a password r
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AWS security and compliance tools embrace enterprise clouds

Once upon a time, the biggest barrier to cloud adoption was security. That is no longer the case, but at the Re:Invent conference, Amazon.com unveiled two new security and compliance tools designed to make it easier for Amazon Web Services users to proactively find and fix security issues.Organizations were originally reluctant to move their servers and
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Serious security issues in iOS Outlook app Microsoft to access user emails and credentials

A researcher has discovered a series of security issues in the newborn iOS Outlook app that allows Microsoft to access user emails and credentials. Security researcher and Head of Development at midpoints GmbH and IBM Champion René Winkelmeyer has published a blog post to warn about security issues in the newborn iOS Outlook a
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Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting web-connecting Devices including Home Appliances

 As we look forward to 2015, it’s had to forget the complex bugs, data breaches and Privacy violations that have marred the Tech world in the ending year.  Symantec Security firm now projects doom for 2015, warning that attacks will get Smarter and sharper. It’s the end of the year, a perfect time to look back at the numerous
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No, we do not need to carry black boxes

The recent statements from FBI director James Comey is yet another example of the authorities’ opportunistic approach to surveillance. He dislikes the fact that mobile operating systems from Google and Apple now come with strong encryption for data stored on the device. This security feature is naturally essential when you lose your device or if you are a po
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The Dropbox password leak – 6 lessons we learned

Yet another massive user ID and password leak. This time it affects about 7 million DropBox users, even if DropBox denies they were hacked. As usual, such a hack means that the data these users have stored in DropBox is in jeopardy. It also means that those who use the same ID and password on many services have much bigger troubles. Let’s see what we can lea
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Your digital memories – will they vanish or persist?

If you like sailing and tall ships, I can recommend this podcast about Pam Bitterman’s book Sailing to the far horizon. It’s a great story about the last years of the community-operated ship Sofia, covering both a lot of happy sailing and the ship’s sad end in the early eighties. But this is not about hippies on a ship, it’s about how we record and remember
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George Clooney issues burner phones to stop guests from leaking wedding photos

Actor George Clooney's celebrity counterparts have been through the privacy wringer lately, with a new batch of pilfered nude photos being published seemingly every week over the past month.Well, he wasn't about to let leaked photos ruin his Big Day this past weekend, when he and London barrister Amal Alamuddin got hitched in Venice at a star-studded, no-exp
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Shellshock only concerns server admins – WRONG

Yet another high-profile vulnerability in the headlines, Shellshock. This one could be a big issue. The crap could really hit the fan big time if someone creates a worm that infects servers, and that is possible. But the situation seems to be brighter for us ordinary users. The affected component is the Unix/Linux command shell Bash, which is only used by ne
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Disgruntled employees are increasingly e-sabotaging businesses, FBI says

Employees with an axe to grind are increasingly sticking it to their current or former employers using e-tools such as cloud storage sites or remote access to a company's computer network, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Homeland Security Department said on Tuesday.Such workers are using cloud storage tools such as Dropbox to steal trade secrets o
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