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Apple Dropped iCloud Encryption Plans After FBI Complaint: Report

Apple dropped plans to offer end-to-end encrypted cloud back-ups to its global customer base after the FBI complained, a new report has claimed.Citing six sources “familiar with the matter,” Reuters claimed that Apple changed its mind over the plans for iCloud two years ago after the Feds argued in private it would seriously hinder investigations
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FireEye Acquires Cloud Governance Firm Cloudvisory

FireEye (NASDAQ: FEYE) on Tuesday announced that it has acquired Cloudvisory, a Dallas, Texas-based provider of tools for cloud visibility, security, and policy management. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.Founded in 2013, Cloudvisory’s platform provides continuous visibility, compliance, and security policy governance solutions for cloud, hy
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FireEye Buys Cloudvisory

The purchase is intended to bring new cloud capabilities to the FireEye Helix security platform.FireEye has announced the purchase of Cloudvisory, a company specializing in visibility, compliance, and policy governance for multicloud environments. Financial terms of the purchase were not disclosed.According to the announcement, the acquisition is intended to
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Cloudflare Announces Free Security Services for Political Campaigns

Security and web performance company Cloudflare has announced a suite of services for the cyber-protection of political campaigns in the United States and worldwide.After helping U.S. state and local government entities secure their election websites, for free, as part of the 2017 Athenian Project, the company feels that the targeting of political parties an
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The Changing Face of Cloud Threat Intelligence

As public cloud providers continue to elevate their platforms’ default enterprise protection and compliance capabilities to close gaps in their portfolio or suites of in-house integrated security products, CISOs are increasingly looking to the use and integration of threat intelligence as the next differentiator within cloud security platforms.Whether thinki
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The "Art of Cloud War" for Business-Critical Data

How business executives' best intentions may be negatively affecting security and risk mitigation strategies - and exposing weaknesses in organizational defenses. Those who wish to do your business harm are hearing the famous words by Sun Tzu in the book The Art of War: "Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected." This is the typic
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Organizations May 'Uncloud' Over Security, Budgetary Concerns

While most cloud vendors forecast continued adoption and growth, some customers are taking a harder look at the cloud services they're usingWith Gartner forecasting cloud revenue to hit $370 billion by 2023, and Microsoft highlighting how cloud has become a core element in enterprise IT, cloud's momentum looks unstoppable.  But cloud
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Explained: edge computing

Edge computing may seem like a foreign and future-facing term. Yet its applications are widespread and diverse, with the ability to transform the way we store, use, and share data and programs online. The implications of edge computing are far-reaching, trickling down from software development and business applications to everyday computing—even to gameplay.
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Apple iCloud “data dump” extortionist avoids prison

byPaul DucklinA London man who tried to extort $100,000 from Apple by threatening to dump data from millions of iCloud accounts and then shut them down will be spending the holiday season at home, despite being sentenced in court last week.Kerem Albayrak, 22, from North London, ended up pleading guilty to three offences – one charge of blackmail, and t
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Why Running a Privileged Container in Docker Is a Bad Idea

By David Fiser and Alfredo Oliveira Privileged containers in Docker are, concisely put, containers that have all of the root capabilities of a host machine, allowing the ability to access resources which are not accessible in ordinary containers. One use case of a privileged container is running a Docker daemon inside a Docker container; another is where the
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Year in Review: Cloud Security

Eat more vegetables. Go for a run. Spend less time on Twitter. These are the kinds of resolutions that have rightfully earned their reputation as flashes in the pan for our personal lives—but when it comes to cloud security, the dawn of the new ‘20s is a chance to do it right.Security concerns are the last great barrier for cloud-native business,
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StrongSalt Eases Pain of Searching Encrypted Data in the Cloud

StrongSalt Helps Customers Gain Compliance Through Searchable Encryption for Cloud Services and Enterprise ApplicationsEncryption is often described as the best defense against hackers, and the strongest solution for compliance with GDPR, CCPA and other data protection and privacy laws around the world. But encryption is hard on two counts. First, while
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Acronis Acquires 5nine for Its Cloud Management, Security Solutions

Backup, security and disaster recovery solutions provider Acronis this week announced that it has acquired 5nine, a company that specializes in cloud management and security solutions.Acronis says this is its first acquisition since it raised $147 million from Goldman Sachs in September, a funding round that resulted in Acronis becoming a unicorn company wit
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Cloud Security and Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Sector

I recently had the honor of testifying before the House Financial Services Committee’s Taskforce on Artificial Intelligence about two critical emerging issues in the financial services sector – cloud and artificial intelligence (AI). Both have incredible potential for energizing the financial sector, but they also raise important security concerns. Financial
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Navigating Security in the Cloud

Underestimating the security changes that need to accompany a shift to the cloud could be fatal to a business. Here's why.The cloud has changed a lot about the way we conduct business, but one of the most significant shifts has been in the realm of cybersecurity. The expansion of workloads running in the cloud has driven an uptick in security attacks focusin
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