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The Clicking Bot Applications

Cyber crime, like any crime, has its motives; each malware has its own malicious profit. Spyware spies on you. Ransomware demands a ransom to decrypt your private digital data. Phishing Malware phishes for your username, password or account numbers. Installation-fraud achieves fake software installations. Ad fraud fraudulently represents online advertisement
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Malvertising Campaign Leads To DoubleClick Ad Fraud

Malvertising isn’t only used to infect users via drive-by downloads or to deceitfully push fake software updates. A campaign currently going on via the TrafficHolder adult ad platform leverages the promise of raunchy videos to lure people into ad fraud. The trick is simple and yet effective. While browsing, users are automatically redirected to what ap
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Click-Fraud Malware Spreading via JavaScript Attachments

A new malware campaign has been spotted that has begun seeding spam messages with a downloader heavily obfuscated with JavaScript. The SANS Internet Storm Center said today that two days ago, a flood of spam messages were observed laced with .js attachments.The JavaScript obfuscates a downloader that once it’s installed on a compromised machine, calls
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Click-Fraud Attacks Being Used to Deliver More Sinister Threats

Click-fraud is traditionally thought of as a widespread but low-impact online risk. Using this method of attack, criminals steal money away from pay-per-click (PPC) online advertisers by commanding another person or bot to click on an ad for the purposes of generating a charge per click. No actual interest is generated by these fake clicks, and the advertise
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Spoofed BatteryBot Pro App Removed by Google Due to Malicious Features

Google has removed a fake version of BatteryBot Pro from its Play Store after the spoofed app was found to be perpetrating click fraud and ad fraud, among other malicious activities.BatteryBot Pro is a legitimate app for Android that allows users to monitor the battery level of their devices by referencing a charge level (percent) as an icon in their status
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Fraudulent BatteryBot Pro App Yanked from Google Play

A malicious Android app spoofing the popular BatteryBot Pro app has been pulled from Google Play.Researchers at Zscaler reported the app, which had a package name of com.polaris.BatteryIndicatorPro. The app requested excessive permissions from the user in an attempt to get full control of an Android device. The criminals behind this scam were ultimately t
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Ad Networks Ripe for Abuse Via Malvertising

Dark corners of the Internet harbor trouble. They’re supposed to. But what about when Yahoo, CNN.com, TMZ and other busy destination sites heave disaster upon visitors?That’s the challenge┬áposed by malvertising, the latest hacker Golden Goose used in cybercrime operations and even in some targeted attacks. Hackers are thriving in this arena becau
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How will you pay for the internet of the future?

How much is Facebook worth?If you have an account and were asked to put a price on a monthly service fee, how much money would you pay to be inspired, to keep up with news events, or to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues?You're paying for it now, of course, though not with money.Rather, we're all paying in terms of constant surveillance and th
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