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Does Remote Learning Work for Your Children?

Before the coronavirus pandemic strike, remote work and distance learning was set to increase over the next decade. No one really thought that the increase would be so significant but here it is, Covid-19 happened. More and more companies were starting to take advantage of cloud services that allow employees to maintain productivity while working from home.
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Internet Safety for Kids – Digital Parenting Do’s and Don’ts

Part of being a parent is keeping kids safe, but it’s also about helping kids grow up to become responsible, independent adults. But there’s a bit of friction between these two ideas. How do parents find the right balance between protecting their kids and letting them behave independently? This friction is very apparent when it comes to how parents let
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Kids need better protection – An open letter to developers and decision makers

Tuesday February 9th is Safer Internet Day this year. An excellent time to sit down and reflect about what kind of Internet we offer to our kids. And what kind of electronic environment they will inherit from us. I have to be blunt here. Our children love their smartphones and the net. They have access to a lot of stuff that interest them. And it’s their new
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We need more than just age limits to protect our children in social media

The European Union is preparing a new data protection package. It is making headlines because there are plans to raise the age limit for digital consent from 13 to 16 years. This has sometimes been describes as the age limit for joining social media. To be precise, member states could choose their age limit within this range. Younger kids would need parental
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The Internet of Toys: Child Safety and Public Disclosure

As Christmas approaches, like most parents and grandparents, I set off shopping with my wife to seek out suitable presents to drop into Santa’s sack for the festive season of giving.My granddaughter loves nothing more than to get her little hands on an iPad (on which she stabs around under supervision) to enjoy some of the rich entertainment hosted on
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Google plans YouTube clean-up, ready for kid customers

Google's so keen on getting underage advertising targets children onto its services, it's even mulling how to clean up the swamp that is YouTube.According to a report from The Information, the data-dealing big boy is contemplating how to roll out the child-sized red carpet with these new offerings:A dashboard for parents to watch over their kids' activities,
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Pokemon X and Y Tumblrs: Warn your Kids

A gentle reminder not to leave your kids alone with their best friend ever, the internet. Pokemon X and Y is by all accounts a raging success, and if the smaller members of your household go Googling for things related to said title, they may well end up on a site such as the below promising a PC download of the new game. pokemonxetyromemulateur(dot)tumblr(d
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