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Charities and NGOs providing support in Ukraine hit by malware

Malware based attacks are targeting charities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) providing support in Ukraine Charities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that in these weeks are providing support in Ukraine are targeted by malware attacks aiming to disrupt their operations. The news was reported by Amazon that associates the attacks with
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Lock and Code S1Ep20: Tracking the charities that track you online with Chris Boyd

This week on Lock and Code, we discuss the top security headlines generated right here on Labs and around the Internet. In addition, we talk to Chris Boyd, lead malware intelligence analyst for Malwarebytes, about charity organizations and online ad tracking. Though many might assume that these two topics have no overlap, they absolutely do. Ad tracking
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Keeping ransomware cash away from your business

A ransomware gang has made headlines for donating a big chunk of stolen funds to two charities. Two separate donations given to Children International and The Water Project rang tills to the tune of $10,000 each. Their reason was that they’re targeting “only large profitable corporations, we think it’s fair that some of the money they’ve paid will go to char
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A week in security (September 14 – 20)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we looked at Fintech industry developments, specifically the differences between Europe and the US, and we analyzed how some charities and the advertising industry are tied together. We also told readers about what companies can do to counter domain name abuse. In our Lock and Code podcast we talked to Pieter Arntz about s
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Charities and the advertising industry: data ecosystems and privacy risks

Data makes the world go round, more often than not via advertising and its tracking mechanisms. Whether you think making money from large volumes of PII to keep the web ticking over is a good thing, or a sleazy data-grab often encouraging terrible ad practices, it’s not going to go away anytime soon. Charity advertising is an important feature of revenue gen
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