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Hacking Robots Before Skynet

By Cesar Cerrudo (@cesarcer)and Lucas Apa (@lucasapa)Robots are goingmainstream in both private and public sectors - on military missions,performing surgery, building skyscrapers, assisting customers at stores, as healthcareattendants, as business assistants, and interacting closely with our familiesin a myriad of ways. Robots are already showing up in many
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Hacker Interviews – Cesar Cerrudo

Today I propose you an interview with Cesar Cerrudo, CTO at IOActive Labs, famous for his research on ICS/SCADA, Smart Cities, IoT, software security. Cesar Cerrudo is CTO at IOActive Labs, leading the team in producing ongoing cutting edge research on ICS/SCADA, Smart Cities, IoT, software security. But Cesar, first of all, has chosen the hacking as a philo
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Hacking into the traffic lights

Cyber security expert Cesar Cerrudo once again is warning the IT security community on the risks related to the deployment of vulnerable traffic lights. Cesar Cerrudo, CTO at IOActive, has conducted several tests to investigate on the security of components within control systems of traffic lights and electronic signs in diffe
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Vulnerability disclosure the good and the ugly

By Cesar Cerrudo @cesarcerI can't believe I continue to write about disclosure problems. Morethan a decade ago, I started disclosing vulnerabilities to vendors and working withthem to develop fixes. Since then, I have reported hundreds of vulnerabilities.I often think I have seen everything, and yet, I continue to be surprised overand over again. I wro
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Traffic Networks Company Patches Sensor Vulnerabilities

A year after it was notified about a security vulnerability, a company in charge of manufacturing sensors used in traffic control systems has patched a series of previously disclosed bugs that could have opened the products up to a handful of exploits.A warning from the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) late last week confir
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Practical and cheap cyberwar (cyber-warfare): Part I

By Cesar Cerrudo @cesarcerEvery day we hear about a new vulnerability or a new attack technique, but most of the time it’s difficult to imagine the real impact. The current emphasis on cyberwar (cyber-warfare if you prefer) leads to myths and nonsense being discussed. I wanted to show real life examples of large scale attacks with big impacts on criti
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Practical and cheap cyberwar (cyber-warfare): Part II

By Cesar Cerrudo @cesarcerDisclaimer: I did not perform any illegal attacks on the mentioned websites in order to get the information I present here. No vulnerability was exploited on the websites, and they are not known to be vulnerable.Given that we live in an age of information leakage where government surveillance and espionage abound, I decided in this
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By Cesar Cerrudo @cesarcerAt IOActive Labs, I have the privilege of being part of a great team with some of the world’s best hackers. I also have access to really cool research on different technologies that uncovers security problems affecting widely used hardware and software. This gives me a solid understanding of the state of security for many dif
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Hacking US (and UK, Australia, France, etc.) Traffic Control Systems

By Cesar Cerrudo @cesarcerHacking like in the moviesProbably many of you have watched scenes from "Live Free or Die Hard" (Die Hard 4) where "terrorist hackers" manipulate traffic signals by just hitting Enter or typing a few keys. I wanted to do that! I started to look around, and while I couldn't exactly do the same thing (too Hollywood style!), I got pre
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Hacking Washington DC traffic control systems

By Cesar Cerrudo @cesarcerThis is a short blog post, because I’ve talked about this topic in the past. I want to let people know that I have the honor of presenting at DEF CON on Friday, August 8, 2014, at 1:00 PM. My presentation is entitled “Hacking US (and UK, Australia, France, Etc.) Traffic Control Systems”. I hope to see you all
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