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Phishy text message tries to steal your cellphone account

byPaul DucklinLots of people still think of phishing as a type of scam that arrives by email.That’s because most phishing attacks do, indeed, arrive in your inbox – sadly, spamming out emails is cheap and easy for crooks, and it delivers results simply because of the volume they can achieve.But phishing isn’t only about email – itR
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Cybercrime’s Most Wanted: Four Mobile Threats that Might Surprise You

It’s hard to imagine a world without cellphones. Whether it be a smartphone or a flip phone, these devices have truly shaped the late 20th century and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. But while users have become accustomed to having almost everything they could ever want at fingertips length, cybercriminals were busy setting up shop. To tri
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