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Only 10% protected – Interesting study on travelers’ security habits

Kaisu who is working for us is also studying tourism. Her paper on knowledge of and behavior related to information security amongst young travelers was released in May, and is very interesting reading. The world is getting smaller. We travel more and more, and now we can stay online even when travelling. Using IT-services in unknown environments does howeve
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Florida School Teacher Gets Jammin’

If you’ve ever sat down and said to yourself, “I still did more research because I didn’t want to do anything that was illegal” you may well have already reached the point where it’s time to make yourself a cup of tea and have a nice lie down. From experience, that’s the kind of thing said in a movie shortly before terrifying melty spiders from a
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Stingray surveillance devices used to spy on the Norwegian Parliament

A newspaper discovers that bad actors are spying on cell phone communications of Norwegian politicians using the StingRay mobile surveillance equipment. The journalists of a daily newspaper in Norway have discovered a mobile phone surveillance equipment hidden around the Government and Parliamentary building and apparently the
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Surveillance – How to secretly track cellphone users position around the globe

Using the proper surveillance systems available on the market it is easy and quick to track cellphone and the movements of targets everywhere on the globe. We recently discussed about the decision of Wikileaks to publish copies of the criticized surveillance software FinFisher, highlighting the dangers for the militarizatio
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