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Eufy "no cloud" security cameras streaming data to the cloud

Eufy home security cameras are currently in a spot of trouble as a result of door camera footage. This is because it turns out that data which should not have been going to the cloud was doing so anyway in certain conditions. Securing your home: a complicated proposition Insecure cameras, unprotected cloud footage, streams going where they shouldn&rsquo
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Tech support scammers caught by their own cameras

A Youtuber has hacked into the CCTV cameras of an office used by tech support scammers and reported them to the police. The video feed of what is going on in that office ends with the arrest of the scammers. CCTV The Youtuber, acting under the handle Scambaiter, turned his attention to Punjab in India to spy on a group of Tech Support scammers. R
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What is facial recognition?

Facebook recently announced it would give up on its facial recognition system. Facebook, or Meta, was using software to automatically identify people in images posted to its social network. Since facial recognition has become an increasingly toxic concept in many circles and Facebook was having enough to deal with as it is, it shut the “feature“ down.  But t
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Ransomware shutdown 70% of Washington DC CCTV ahead of President’s inauguration

A Ransomware attack compromised 70% of Washington DC CCTV ahead of inauguration of President Trump, technical staff wiped and rebooted the devices. A ransomware infected 70 percent of storage devices used by the Washington DC CCTV systems just eight days before the inauguration of President Donald Trump. The attack occurred between 12 and 15 January, the ran
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Dozens of Sony cameras affected by a secret backdoor

Many Sony cameras could be hijacked by hackers and infected with Mirai-like malware due to the presence of a sort of secret backdoor. Sony has closed a sort of debug backdoor that was spotted in 80 web-connected surveillance cameras. The hardcoded logins in the firmware of the Sony cameras can be exploited to hijack the devices and open the doors to Mirai li
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150,000 IoT Devices behind the 1Tbps DDoS attack on OVH

The hosting provider OVH continues to face massive DDoS attacks launched by a botnet composed at least of 150000 IoT devices. Last week, the hosting provider OVH faced 1Tbps DDoS attack, likely the largest one ever seen. The OVH founder and CTO Octave Klaba reported the 1Tbps DDoS attack on Twitter sharing an image that lists the multiple sources of the att
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BASHLITE Botnets peaked 1 Million Internet of Thing Devices

A joint research conducted by Level 3 Communications and Flashpoint allowed the identification of a million devices infected by the BASHLITE malware. Do you remember the BASHLITE malware? It was a strain of malware (also known as Lizkebab, Torlus and Gafgyt) detected by experts at Trend Micro shortly after the public disclosure of the ShellShock bug. The BAS
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Hacked Shopping Mall CCTV Cameras Are Launching DDoS Attacks

If you’re running a CCTV surveillance camera in your office, high street store, or at home make sure that you are not unwittingly helping hackers launch denial-of-service attacks.That’s the warning that has been issued by the security team at Incapsula, who discovered a botnet of 900 CCTV cameras spread across the globe, flooding targeted website
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Crooks are hacking CCTV Cameras to launch severe DDoS attacks

Imperva has discovered that attackers hijack CCTV cameras to launch powerful DDoS attacks exploiting weak credentials and poor configurations of IoT devices. Internet of Things devices are becoming privilege targets of threat actors that daily abuse of their resources to run cyber attacks or to organize frauds or to spy on u
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The danger of casual CCTV surveillance

The danger of casual CCTV surveillance A couple of weeks ago I asked if Sainsbury is — or at least was at the time — in breach of the Data Protection Act. I have no doubt that it was.The issue was Sainsbury’s practice of using ANPR cameras on every vehicle entering it
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