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Google Maps: online interventions with offline ramifications

The places where online life directly intersection with that lived offline will be forever fascinating, illustrated perfectly through a recent performance piece involving Google Maps, a cart, and an awful lot of mobile phones. Simon Weckert, an artist based in Berlin, Germany, showed how a little ingenuity could work magic on the ubiquitous Google Maps syste
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Meet RollJam, the $30 device that jimmies car and garage doors

Over the past decade, keyless entry systems have largely displaced traditional physical keys as the means for locking and unlocking cars and garages around the world. Just push a button and the electronic devices transmit a secret code that activates or deactivates the lock, saving people the hassle of manually controlling it.Now, serial hacker Samy Kamk
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Hi-tech car thieves use £30 jamming devices in car parks

Hi-tech car thieves use £30 jamming devices in car parks, the devices allow them to bypass car coding and reprogramme vehicles before driving off in them. Car thieves are becoming even more technological, we have read many news regarding hackers that designed specific solutions to hack car through the internal CAN bus or simpl
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The Startup Problem

 Last month, Michal Nemcok blogged about the lack of security in the Progressive Insurance diagnostic monitoring dongle. By hacking the monitoring device, someone may be able to gain access to and change the behavior of the car, itself.Now, this is serious stuff – vulnerabilities that might impact the operation of the thing that carries your body around
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Senator: Car hacks that control steering or steal driver data way too easy

Recently manufactured cars expose drivers to hacking attacks that could cause collisions and steal sensitive personal information, according to a report released Monday by a US Senator.The majority of model-year 2014 cars offer network-connected features that provide driving directions, messaging, hands-free phone calls, safety monitoring, and entertainm
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Lavish Cars with Wireless Technology and Dashboards Can Be Hacked

Hackers have now got the knowledge and ability to track down dashboard technology and intercept crucial info from cars and especially luxury ones. It has been reported that cars wit fitted wireless technology can be hacked by experts and cause grave problems to their owners. Hackers have now got the knowledge and ability to tr
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The number of Keyless cars thefts is rising

According to a UK motoring industry group and authorities keyless cars ‘increasingly targeted by thieves, which are using computers e dedicated equipment. According to a UK motoring industry group, criminal organizations are increasingly targeting high-end cars with keyless security systems.  The Society of Motor Manufac
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