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The forgotten domain: Exploring a link between Magecart Group 5 and the Carbanak APT

This blog post was authored by Jérôme Segura, William Tsing, and Adam Thomas. In a previous post, we described the possible overlap between certain domains registered by Magecart Group 4 and the Cobalt gang. While attribution is always a difficult endeavor, sharing TTPs can help others to connect the dots between campaigns observed in the wild and threat
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Magecart Group 4: A link with Cobalt Group?

Note: This blog post is a collaboration between the Malwarebytes and HYAS Threat Intelligence teams. Magecart is a term that has become a household name, and it refers to the theft of credit card data via online stores. The most common scenario is for criminals to compromise e-commerce sites by injecting rogue JavaScript code designed to steal any informa
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FIN7 group has enhanced its phishing techniques

According to the experts from security firm FireEye, the financially-motivated FIN7 group is changing hacking techniques. The group that has been active since late 2015, and was recently spotted to have been targeting personnel involved with United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings at various organizations with a new PowerShell backdoor
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Payments Giant Verifone Investigating Breach

Credit and debit card payments giant Verifone [NYSE: PAY] is investigating a breach of its internal computer networks that appears to have impacted a number of companies running its point-of-sale solutions, according to sources. Verifone says the extent of the breach was limited to its corporate network and that its payment services network was not impacted.
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The Carbanak gang is now targeting the hospitality industry

The notorious Carbanak cybercrime gang is now changing strategy and it is targeting the hospitality and restaurant industries. The notorious Carbanak cybercrime gang that allegedly stole $1 billion from financial institutions worldwide is now changing strategy and target and it is targeting the hospitality and restaurant industries. “In the last month 
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Carbanak Gang Actively Targeting Hospitality Sector, Warn Researchers

The Carbanak gang – a cybercrime group infamous for allegedly exfiltrating $1 billion from financial institutions around the world – has recently been spotted targeting businesses in the hospitality sector, including hotels and restaurants.According to cybersecurity firm Trustwave, it investigated three separate incidents in the last month in which customers
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The Carbanak gang is now targeting the healthcare industry

The notorious Carbanak cybercrime gang is now changing strategy and it is targeting the hospitality and restaurant industries. It’s not a mystery, the healthcare industry is a privileged target for cyber criminals, medical records are a precious commodity in the criminal underground. The healthcare industry was the number one target for cyber criminals
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Oracle MICROS hackers breached five more PoS system vendors

Hackers that breached Oracle MICROS systems have infected systems of other five PoS vendors that supply hundreds of thousands of companies in the US. Last week the systems of the Oracle MICROS payment terminals division have been infected by a malware, MICROS payment terminals are installed in the most important retail chains worldwide as well as stores and
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Visa Alert and Update on the Oracle Breach

Credit card industry giant Visa on Friday issued a security alert warning companies using point-of-sale devices made by Oracle‘s MICROS retail unit to double-check the machines for malicious software or unusual network activity, and to change passwords on the devices. Visa also published a list of Internet addresses that may have been involved in the O
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Carbanak Gang Tied to Russian Security Firm?

Among the more plunderous cybercrime gangs is a group known as “Carbanak,” Eastern European hackers blamed for stealing more than a billion dollars from banks. Today we’ll examine some compelling clues that point to a connection between the Carbanak gang’s staging grounds and a Russian security firm that claims to work with some of th
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Ratopak Trojan – Russian banks under attack

Financially-motivated actors have targeted employees of at least six Russian banks into installing the Ratopak Trojan, experts have found evidence of an extended hacking campaign. According to the Symantec security firm, a cyber criminal gang financially -motivated has targeted employees of Russian banks. The threat actors have been using a Trojan called Rat
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Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2015. Evolution of cyber threats in the corporate sector

 Download PDF version Download EPUB In late 2014, we published predictions for how the world of cyber threats may evolve in 2015. Four of the nine predictions we made were directly connected with threats to businesses. Our predictions proved accurate – three of the four business-related threats have already been fulfilled: Cybercriminals embrace A
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2015: Cybercrime’s Epic Year

This year in cybercrime was… epic! Every prediction made last year has not only materialized, but exceeded expectations. Increases in attacks, technical sophistication and higher losses than ever imagined painted a new cyber reality in the past 12 months. What was so different in 2015? Wasn’t it just more of the same? Well, not quite. As the year
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Nigerian Cuckoo Miner Campaign Takes Over Legitimate Inboxes, Targets Banks

By Jay Yaneza and Erika Mendoza (Threats Analyst) When it comes to threat investigations, we often treat the malicious binary as the smoking gun or the crown jewel of the investigation. However, examining the other components can produce the bigger picture that will be far more detailed than simply focusing on the binary. By looking beyond one malicious file
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Carbanak trojan reloaded! A new variant spotted in the wild

The CSIS Security Group has spotted a new version of the notorious Carbanak Trojan in the wild targeting financial organizations in Europe and US. Do you remember the Carbanak gang? In February, researchers from Kaspersky discovered that a multinational gang of hackers dubbed Carbanak that swiped 1 Billion dollars from 100 fin
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