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SMB cybersecurity posture weakened by COVID-19, Labs report finds

In August, Malwarebytes Labs analyzed the damage caused by COVID-19 to business cybersecurity. Because of immediate, mandated transitions to working from home (WFH), businesses across the United States suffered more data breaches, lost more dollars, and increased their overall attack surfaces, all while experiencing a worrying lack of cybersecurity awareness
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Cyber Defense – A Cat and Mouse Race

F-Secure Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen appeared on the BBC recently to talk about cyber security, data breaches, and “dadada.” During the interview, Mikko described the current state of cyber security as a “cat and mouse race between the attackers and between the defenders.” It might not be as exciting as watching Formula 1 or a marathon, but it’s n
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7 Questions for Javier, an F-Secure Cyber Security Expert

You know you’re a technical security consultant when you can say the best part of your job is breaking things. Javier Moreno is passionate about improving enterprise security – and to make a technology better, he breaks it first. The thrill of figuring out a software’s weakness drives Javier, but also the knowledge that he’s providing
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Why Hackers Love Your LinkedIn Profile

An employee opens an attachment from someone who claims to be a colleague in a different department. The attachment turns out to be malicious. The company network? Breached. If you follow the constant news about data breaches, you read this stuff all the time. But do you ever wonder how hackers get otherwise smart, professional people to fall for their trick
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Helping Organisations Stay Secure In An Unsecure Age

  Seemingly every day, we’re reminded that companies need to work harder to stay secure during a time where cybercrime is rampant and many organizations remain vulnerable to attack.  I’ve recently been speaking to the press about what can and should be done to mitigate these risks. I hope the following questions and answers will help shed so
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Why Hackers and Viruses Love Multitaskers

This is the sixth in a series of posts about Cyber Defense that happened to real people in real life, costing very real money. Chris, a very ordinary businessman, was on a very ordinary business trip when he received an urgent call from one of his business partners asking him to make a money transfer. Chris was waiting for a train at a station, but he was h
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A text that makes a rich man poor

This is the fifth in a series of posts about Cyber Defense that happened to real people in real life, costing very real money. Kamil left a business meeting and immediately took out his phone to call a client. During the conversation the device buzzed with an incoming text message. After Kamil unlocked the screen, a text popped up: “Thank you for activating
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The Devil’s in… the browser

This is the fourth in a series of posts about Cyber Defense that happened to real people in real life, costing very real money. It was only just past 1 pm, but Magda was already exhausted. She had recently fired her assistant, so she was now having to personally handle all of the work at her law office. With the aching pain in her head and monstrous hunger
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Insured but not secured

This is the second in a series of posts about Cyber Defense that happened to real people in real life, costing very real money. Peter came into work thinking, “Today is gonna be boring as hell. I can’t wait till my shift ends”. He couldn’t have been more wrong. One terrible password “Policy 2014” would soon turn his insurance agency upside down. Peter had
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Corporate Cyberattacks and You

F-Secure announced today that it has acquired nSense – a Danish cybersecurity firm that specializes in providing security consultations, vulnerability assessment, and related services to large enterprises. So you might be asking yourself why this matters. Well, the answer is that it matters because “large enterprises” provide products and services to p
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The biggest security mistakes small businesses make

Online criminals are in the business of finding holes — holes in your software. “Pieces of software will always have vulnerabilities, and there will always be criminals creating exploits for those vulnerabilities,” says F-Secure Senior Researcher Timo Hirvonen. “It’s become a whole business model for these criminals, because the
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3 enemies your business faces and 6 ways they get in

If you’re in business, you have enemies — and they’re trying to get into your network. For-profit malware authors after baking information or files for extortion want in. Script-kiddies want in because mayhem is their game. And if you’re large enough, criminals seeking data about your customers  for espionage want in too. “For i
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You have new e-mail — or, how to let hackers sneak in with a single click

A rainy, early spring day was slowly getting underway at a local council office in a small town in Western Poland. It was a morning like any other. Nobody there expected that this unremarkable day would see a series of events that would soon affect the entire community… Joanna Kaczmarek, a Senior Specialist in the council’s Accounting Department, rushe
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5 things you need to know about securing our future

“Securing the future” is a huge topic, but our Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen narrowed it down to the two most important issues is his recent keynote address at the CeBIT conference. Watch the whole thing for a Matrix-like immersion into the two greatest needs for a brighter future — security and privacy. To get started here are som
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MMMMMMMMM! The sweet taste of history

What smells so good? Could it be history? On Tuesday, F-Secure’s corporate security team traveled to Dresden to pick up its fourth straight Best Protection award from AV-Test.org. We are now the only vendor in the history of the award to win the honor four years in a row. “Since 2011, F-Secure’s security product has been a guarantee of high prote
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