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An idea to help secure U.S. cybersecurity…

… and looking for the right person to show us how to do so. A few years back I was watching a presentation given by General Keith B. Alexander, who was at the time Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and previously Director of the National Security Agency (NSA). Gen. Alexander’s remarks focused on the cybersecurity climate from his perspective and the impact on U.
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Payment Checkout Flaws and Bugs

The announcement last week by researchers from Newcastle University about a problem with Visa's contactless cards reminded me to mention again commons issues with checkout and payment functions in web and mobile applications.The Visa fault relates to not enforcing the same limits on transactions when using foreign currencies.The paper is being presented this
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OWASP Snakes and Ladders

In a month's time we will probably be in full office party season. I have been preparing something fun to share and use, that is an awareness document for application security risks and controls.Snakes and Ladders is a popular board game, with ancient provenance imported into Great Britain from Asia by the 19th century. The original game showed the effects o
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