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Over 1 billion people’s data leaked in an unsecured server

Data enrichment companies are big business these days. They merge the data stored by other companies with third-party data in order for these companies to be able to take more informed decisions. Enriched data provides deeper insights into the companies’ customers, which allows them to adjust their business model so that it better adapts to their current or
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TMS Industrial Services and industrial cybersecurity

These days, there’s no arguing the fact that all sectors are, to a greater or lesser degree, exposed to some kind of cyber-risks.  This is especially true in a world in which more and more organizations are using networks that are connected to external partners and providers, and are starting to adopt IoT systems, increasing the attack surface. One of the se
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PureLocker: the unusual ransomware that encrypts servers

In 2019, the resurgence of ransomware is still in full swing. Since the beginning of the year, a veritable litany of companies and organizations have suffered at the hands of this kind of malware: local governments, manufacturers, hospitals, producers, critical infrastructure… While we know who the victims of these ransomware attacks are, more often th
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The state of cybersecurity in 2019: What do the experts think?

This Saturday, November 30, is Computer Security Day. The aim of this annual event is to increase knowledge and awareness of the risks that users’ computers, devices and systems are exposed to all over the world. Download the eBook here Since this initiative was launched by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in 1988, the technological landscape h
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José Manuel Díaz-Caneja: “At times it is easier to corrupt an employee than to use cyberattacks to bring down a system”

When it comes to protecting organization’s corporate cybersecurity, there are several fronts. Two of them, however, are particularly important: first, monitoring the human factor, which is often the main trigger for cyberattacks or data leaks. The second is applying intelligence to all processes so that advanced cyberdefense isn’t reactive, but instead is ba
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Georgia suffers the largest cyberattack in its history

These days, every organization is a potential victim of a cyberattack. This year we’ve seen a wide range of organizations fall into the trap of cybercrime, from oil companies and banks, to public administrations such as city halls or critical infrastructure. All of them are susceptible to becoming targets of serious cyberincidents. These IT security intrusio
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SMBs lack resources to defend against cyberattacks, plus pay more in the aftermath

Cyberattacks, many have noted, are the fastest growing economic crime not only in the United States, but also around the world. This upward trend has been observed since 2014, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and won’t likely be slowing down anytime soon. Cyberattacks—much like the advancement of technology, the interweaving of digital lives am
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Not us, YOU: vendor email compromise explained

Silent Starling, an online organized criminal group hailing from West Africa, seem to have reminded SMBs and enterprises alike the perils of business email compromise (BEC) scams once more. This time, they’ve advanced BEC into a more potent modality by widening the scope of its potential targets and methodically preparing for the attack from timing to
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Halloween: take your cybersecurity to the next level

It’s Halloween, a great time to scare and be scared. These scares can come from horror films, video clips, or worse yet:  a cyberattacker The game against your enemies has begun, and you won’t win without taking your cybersecurity to the next level. These days, cyberthreats can cause huge financial losses—a total of $45 billion in 2018—be it through the loss
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Phishing emails are trying to use cybersecurity against you

Phishing has been around since email has existed. It is an ever-present cyberthreat, and one of the most dangerous. It is estimated that one in every 99 emails is a phishing attack, and that 30% of phishing emails manage to get around default protections. What’s more, over 92% of the malware in the world arrives via email. Apart from malware, phishing emails
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800 cyberattacks an hour in the United Kingdom

In 2019, public administrations have suffered a great deal at the hands of cybercriminals. In January, the city hall of Del Rio, Texas, suffered a ransomware attack that forced its employees to carry out their work with pen and paper. This incident was first in a wave of ransomware attacks on public administrations all over the world, which is still affectin
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It’s About Time: Cybersecurity Insights, Visibility, and Prioritization

As McAfee Chief Executive Officer Chris Young said in his 2019 MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit keynote address, time is the most valuable resource that we all share. But time isn’t always on our side – especially when it comes to cybersecurity. “Time is the one constant that we cannot change. It’s the one constraint that we cannot ignore. Every second counts,” Y
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TLS 1.3 and McAfee Web Gateway

With the introduction of TLS 1.3 in 2018, IETF’s goal was (and is) to make the Internet a safer and more secure place. Legacy technologies such as the RSA key exchange have been phased out now. Replacing it is a much safer Diffie-Hellman key exchange. There are two main benefits to this method: not only is perfect forward secrecy reached, but also a decrypti
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RobbinHood: the ransomware that exploits its own reputation

Back in May, the city of Baltimore was brought to a standstill. All of the city hall’s systems were infected with a new ransomware variant called RobbinHood. The cyberattacker demanded a 13 bitcoin ($76,000; €68.9612) ransom to decrypt the systems. This same variant was first seen in an attack on the city of Greenville, North Carolina in April. RobbinHood us
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Increasing Value with Security Integration

What would your security team do with an extra 62 days? According to a recent study by IDC, that’s the amount of time the average-sized security team can expect to regain by addressing a lack of security management integration. With just 12 percent of respondents currently using an end-to-end management suite—and with 14 percent completely reliant on ad hoc
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