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Is domain name abuse something companies should worry about?

Even though some organizations and companies may not realize it, their domain name is an important asset. Their web presence can even make or break companies. Therefor, “domain name abuse” is something that can ruin your reputation. Losing control There are several ways in which perpetrators can abuse your good name to make a profit for the
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Fintech industry developments, differences between Europe and the US

“Put your money in the bank and you can watch it grow.” If there is a statement that shows us how much the financial world has changed it’s this one. With the introduction of negative interest, companies and consumers with a large amount of liquid assets are looking for a different way to handle those assets. This is where the innovative fintech industry
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How to take your company into the cloud and telecommute securely

A growing number of organizations are opting to migrate their data and applications to the cloud given the numerous benefits that this delivers: cost savings on server maintenance, scalability, and easy access to data from anywhere, to name just three. The latter is particularly important today due to the massive increase in telecommuting in response to the
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CactusPete APT group takes aim at military and financial targets

Nowadays, all types of businesses across all sectors are affected by cybercrime. This year, as the attack surface has grown due to the increase in telecommuting as a response to COVID-19, so other cyberthreats arising from generalized global uncertainty have also increased. Cybercriminals have not hesitated to take advantage of the situation in order to roll
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What Is the EU Cybersecurity Act and What Does It Mean for US-Based Businesses?

During the previous weeks, we provided a thorough overview of the EU NIS Directive, focusing on the Operators of Essential Systems (OES), the Digital Service Providers (DSP) and the compliance frameworks. Our review of the EU cybersecurity policy and strategy would be incomplete without mentioning the EU Cybersecurity Act. On 27 June, the European Cybersecur
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Zero-day attacks: the cyber equivalent of COVID-19

Cybersecurity has changed markedly over the last few years. The first malware dates back to the 1970s and led to the creation of the first antivirus -Reaper-, designed to detect computers infected with the malware Creeper and remove it. Since then, cybersecurity has become increasingly important and is now an essential consideration for any organization. Thi
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The Mirai botnet exploits a new vulnerability affecting companies around the world

Malware or malicious code has been around for over 40 years now, but its use to obtain control of a group of Internet-connected systems in something called a ‘botnet’ is a relatively new phenomenon. Botnets have been behind some of the most costly security incidents of the last 10 years and, consequently, companies around the world are going to great lengths
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The cybersecurity skills gap is misunderstood

Nearly every year, a trade association, a university, an independent researcher, or a large corporation—and sometimes all of them and many in between—push out the latest research on the cybersecurity skills gap, the now-decade-plus-old idea that the global economy lacks a growing number of cybersecurity professionals who cannot be found. It is, as one rep
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Remote working, global power plays are shifting the threat landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed companies into a remote workforce situation that many were vastly unprepared for. Remote workers don’t have the same protection as they would have in the traditional corporate network. This has not only increased the burden for IT teams, but without advanced cybersecurity in place, has widened the attack surface, giving attac
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Twitter insiders? Don’t get accused of spying because of your staff

Just ten days after one of the biggest hacks in the history of Twitter, while both internal and external investigators continue to try figuring out exactly what happened, the social network is once again the subject of brand-tarnishing headlines, this time centered on the company’s poor internal security highlighted by the recent case of Twitter sub-contract
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Garmin: the latest wearable attacked by ransomware and a controversial ransom

Garmin, the developer of smartwatches and GPS devices, along with its popular app for monitoring physical exercise and sharing results with other services and devices, has become one of the latest victims of ransomware. On July 27, the company announced the recovery of normal activity after the attack from the WastedLocker ransomware, which first appeared ea
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Cloud workload security: Should you worry about it?

Due to the increasing use of the cloud, organizations find themselves dealing with hybrid environments and nebulous workloads to secure. Containerization and cloud-stored data have provided the industry with a new challenge. And while you can try to make the provider of cloud data storage responsible for the security of the data, you will have a hard time tr
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Panda Security passes AV-Comparatives’ Business Security Test with flying colors

AV- TEST, the independent IT security research institute, has been testing international IT security products for many years. Its rigorous individual and comparative tests serve to ensure the quality of tested security products. Obtaining its official seals of approval and certifications, such as those earned by Panda Security, is a guarantee that the cyber-
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Panda Security: Proud to be turning 30

Today we have a lot to celebrate… It’s our 30th anniversary! On June 26 1990, in Bilbao, Spain, a group of friends (“panda” in Spanish)  founded one of the world’s first antivirus companies: Panda Security. Since then, the cybersecurity world has changed a great deal, but each time that it has done so, we’ve evolved too. We’ve even had the luxury of be
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Seventy-three percent of SMBs pay up after a ransomware attack

SMBs account for 99% of all businesses in the USA, and create 1.5 million new jobs every year, 64% of the total. This means that SMBs are a true economic powerhouse in the States. Although many of these companies believe that they are too small to be attacked by cybercriminals, almost half of all cyberattacks in the world target this kind of business. SMBs a
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