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US Govt kicked off ‘Hack the Army 3.0’ bug bounty program

The U.S. government is going to launch the ‘Hack the Army 3.0’ bug bounty program in collaboration with the HackerOne platform. The U.S. government launched Hack the Army 3.0, the third edition of its bug bounty program, in collaboration with the HackerOne platform. The second Hack the Army bug bounty program ran between October 9
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TikTok launched a public bug bounty program

Chinese video-sharing social networking service TikTok announced this week the launch of a public bug bounty program in collaboration with HackerOne. The popular Chinese video-sharing social networking service TikTok has launched this week a public bug bounty program through the HackerOne platform. White hat hackers are invited to report security flaws
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Researchers received $288,500 for 32 out of 55 issues reported to Apple

Researchers received hundreds of thousands of dollars in bug bounties for reporting 55 vulnerabilities as part of the Apple bug bounty program. A team of researchers composed of Sam Curry, Brett Buerhaus, Ben Sadeghipour, Samuel Erb and Tanner Barnes reported a total of 55 flaws to Apple as part of the company bug bounty program. The flaws were all cov
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Ethical hackers swarm Pentagon websites

byDanny BradburyHackers are crawling all over the US Department of Defense’s websites. Don’t worry, though: they’re white hats, and DoD officials are quite happy about the whole thing.Four years after it first invited white hat hackers to start hacking its systems, the Pentagon continues asking them to do their worst – and a report re
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Google launched Google Play Security Reward bug bounty program to protect apps in Play Store

Google has launched Google Play Security Reward, the bug bounty program that will pay $1,000 rewards for flaws in popular apps. Google has officially launched a bug bounty program for Android apps on Google Play Store, a measure that aims to improve the security of Android apps. The initiative, called Google Play Security Reward, will involve the security c
Publish At:2017-10-22 06:06 | Read:5949 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking Mobile bug bounty program Google Googl

Nintendo announced its bug bounty program for 3DS Consoles. Rewards up to $20,000

Nintendo presented its bug bounty program for 3DS consoles, the company is willing to pay between $100 and $20,000 for vulnerabilities found in the product. Good news, Nintendo joins the club of the “bug bounty program,” companies that decide to exploit this mechanism to involve ethical hacking communities. The company is the last in order of tim
Publish At:2016-12-06 21:20 | Read:4902 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking bug bounty program HackerOne platform

Zero day broker firm Zerodium has tripled iOS exploit bounty to $1.5M

The notorious zero-day broker company Zerodium has raised the value for a remote IOS jailbreak that reached $1.5 million. The popular zero-day broker Zerodium, which is specialized in Buys and Sells zero-day exploits, has tripled the bug bounty for a remote iOS 10 exploit. The company is willing to pay a jailbreak vulnerability to US$1.5 million. Zerodium fi
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Apple will pay up to $200,000 in Bug Bounty Program

Apple has chosen the Black Hat 2016 security conference to announce the launch of its bug bounty program, hackers can earn up to $200,000 for a flaw. Great news for bug hunters, finally Apple announced that it will pay hackers that will find bugs in its products. Apple is the last IT giant to launch its bug bounty program. Major IT firm, including Facebook,
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Hacking YouTube To Get Spoofed Comments on Videos

A security researcher has discovered a critical vulnerability in Google-owned YouTube that could allow anyone to make the comment posted by any celebrity or public figure on some YouTube video appear on his or her own YouTube video, impersonating that celeb.Just a few weeks ago we reported about a simple logical vulnerability in YouTube that could have bee
Publish At:2015-04-17 19:40 | Read:5260 | Comments:0 | Tags:Bug Bounty Program hacking Youtube account Increase user eng

How Hackers Could Delete Any YouTube Video With Just One Click

A security researcher has discovered a simple but critical vulnerability in Google-owned YouTube that could be exploited by anyone to knock down the whole business of the popular video sharing website.Kamil Hismatullin, a Russian security bod, found a simple logical vulnerability that allowed him to delete any video from YouTube in one shot.While looking f
Publish At:2015-04-02 10:40 | Read:6422 | Comments:0 | Tags:Bug Bounty Program Cross site scripting Cross-site request f

Yahoo! pays $24,000 to Hacker for finding Security Vulnerabilities

Yahoo! has offered $24,000 to a security researcher for finding out and reporting three critical security vulnerabilities in its products including Yahoo! Stores and Yahoo!-hosted websites.While testing all the company's application, Mark Litchfield, a bug bounty hunter who often works with different companies, discovered three critical vulnerabilities in
Publish At:2015-03-17 10:05 | Read:3762 | Comments:0 | Tags:Bug Bounty Program end-to-end encryption hacking news Vulner

Facebook Vulnerability Allows Hacker to Delete Any Photo Album

A Serious vulnerability in Facebook has recently been reported that could allow anyone to delete your complete Facebook photo album without having authentication.Security Researcher Laxman Muthiyah told The Hacker News that the vulnerability actually resides in Facebook Graph API mechanism, which allows "a hacker to delete any photo album on Facebook. Any
Publish At:2015-02-12 09:05 | Read:5728 | Comments:0 | Tags:Bug Bounty Program Facebook account hacking Facebook Graph A

GitHub Doubles Down on Maximum Bug Bounty Payouts

Almost a year to the day since Github announced its bug bounty program, the Git repository said yesterday that it will double its maximum payout to $10,000.Ben Toews, a GitHub staffer, said yesterday that since the launch of the GitHub Security Bug Bounty, 73 previously unknown vulnerabilities have been patched.“Of 1,920 submissions in the past year, 8
Publish At:2015-01-29 20:05 | Read:3473 | Comments:0 | Tags:Featured Vulnerabilities Web Security Ben Toews bug bounty p

Twitter Bug Bounty Official – Started Paying For Bugs

So the Twitter bug bounty program is now official, they are actually paying – and not a bad amount too. A minimum of $140 for a confirmed bug with no defined maximum.This includes the Twitter website itself and any sub-domain (mobile, ads, apps etc), and the official mobile apps for iOS and Android. It’s somewhat strange it doesn’t mention
Publish At:2014-09-08 20:50 | Read:5196 | Comments:0 | Tags:Exploits/Vulnerabilities Web Hacking bug bounty bug bounty p

Twitter adds unlimited payouts to its bug bounty program

Twitter's bug bounty program is now offering a minimum of $140 (£85) for reported bugs. OK, so it amounts to more or less emptying out the change from its big old corporate back pocket.But there's more: there's no maximum payout, meaning the sky's the limit!The social media buzz bucket announced on Wednesday that cash will be added to the profound gratitude
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