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After Westminster attack, now Scottish parliament hit by brute-forcing attack

The Scottish Parliament has been targeted by a “brute force” attack, the assault is still ongoing and is similar to the one that hit the British Parliament. The Scottish Parliament is under attack, crooks are brute-forcing email accounts in the attempt to access members’ emails. The attack appears similar to the one that in June targeted th
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Number of WordPress Attacks powered by compromised routers is rapidly dropping

Experts from security firm WordFence reported a rapid reduction of WordPress attacks originating from hundreds of ISPs worldwide. Experts at the security firm Wordfence a few weeks ago reported that tens of thousands of flawed routers from dozens of ISPs worldwide were recruited in a botnet used to power several types of attacks against WordPress websites. H
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The number of ICS Attacks continues to increase worldwide

According to data provided by IBM Managed Security Services, the number of ICS attacks in 2016 continues to increase worldwide. Industrial control systems (ICS) continues to be a privileged target of hackers. According to IBM Managed Security Services, the number of cyber attacks increased by 110 percent in 2016 compared to 2015. According to the researchers
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Wordfence warns of a huge increase in brute force attacks on WordPress

Security experts from Wordfence observed a huge increase in Brute Force attacks in the last three weeks. The security firm Wordfence is warning the WordPress community of a spike in the number of brute force attacks against websites running WordPress. has increased significantly in December compared to the previous period. The researchers observed brute forc
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Cracking Apple iOS 10 Backup Encryption is now 2,500 times faster

Experts from Elcomsoft discovered a new vector of attack to access password-protected local backups produced by iOS 10 devices. According to security experts from the computer forensics company Elcomsoft, Apple has weakened the backup security protection of its recently-issued iOS 10 skipping certain security checks. This means that hackers could easily crac
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Hack-Fueled ‘Unprecedented’ Insider Trading Ring Nets $100M

Hackers based in Ukraine and Russia allegedly broke into servers belonging to several newswires and passed sensitive information onto an underground trading ring as part of what’s being referred to as an unprecedented new level of insider trading.Prosecutors claimed Tuesday that corporate information gleaned in the hacks was funneled to a sophisticated
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Signal amplification and brute-force attack for car thieves

A recent wave of car burglaries raises the debate on possible hacking techniques adopted by car thieves .. Signal amplification and brute-force attacks. A few months ago the journalist Nick Bilton wrote about his car being broken into in front of him. Bilton believes that his car was stolen by using snatched with the help of a
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