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Hackers leak WhatsApp screenshots and intimate photos of WWE Diva Paige

A new batch of WhatsApp screenshots and intimate photos of the WWE celebrity Diva Paige was published on a popular celebrity leak website. In March, hackers leaked online nude photos and videos of WWE Diva Paige (real name is Saraya Jade-Bevis), and now a new batch of x-rated images of the celebrity appeared on the Internet. Personal and private photos of m
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Brute Force 900k + Attempts on a New Server

Brute Force Attack Report – This article is going to cover an attack we have had on a new network from the second it was connected to the internet. Instantly we were collecting data showing the determination of people trying to gain “root” access to our Server. Our data shows us that on the 21/August/2017 we had 150,000 failed logon attempts We will st
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Hackers exploited an Instagram flaw access celebrity profile data

An Instagram flaw allowed hackers to access profile information for high-profile users, the incident was confirmed by the company. Instagram has recently suffered a possibly serious data breach with hackers gaining access to the phone numbers and email addresses for many “high-profile” users. Hackers recently accessed personal information of R
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Selena Gomez Instagram hacked! Hackers post Bieber nude photos

Selena Gomez Instagram account has reportedly been hacked. Nude photos of singer Justin Bieber have been published by hackers. Unknown hackers have compromised the Instagram account owned by Selena Gomez and posted nude photographs of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Source Tribune.com The hack doesn’t seem to be associated with the recent Fappening 201
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Fappening 2017 – Private pictures of Miley Cyrus, Stella Maxwell, and others leaked

Fappening 2017 – Private pictures of Miley Cyrus, Stella Maxwell, Kristen Stewart, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have been posted online by a celebrity leak website. It has happened again, another wave of Fappening makes the headlines. Once again celebrities have been targeted by crooks, and unfortunately, they continue to ignore security fundamentals.
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Linux Shishiga malware, a threat in dangerous evolution

Malware researchers from security firm ESET have discovered a new Linux threat dubbed Shishiga malware targeting systems in the wild. Malware researchers from ESET have discovered a new Linux malware dubbed Linux/Shishiga targeting systems in the wild. The Linux/Shishiga malware uses four different protocols (SSH, Telnet, HTTP and BitTorrent) implements a mo
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Man behind The Fappening case charged with hacking celebrity accounts

Pennsylvania man behind the Fappening case Charged with hacking Apple and Google e-Mail accounts belonging to more than 100 people. The culprit of the popular Fappening case may have a name, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on Tuesday that it charged Ryan Collins, 36, of Pennsylvania for hacking Apple and Google E-Mail accounts belonging to more
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Expert discovered how to hack any Facebook account

A security researcher has discovered a Facebook password reset vulnerability that allowed him to brute force into any FB account. The security researcher Anand Prakash has discovered a password reset vulnerability affecting Facebook. The critical vulnerability could be exploited by attackers to hack into any FB account launching a brute force attack. “
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What Happens to Hacked Social Media Accounts

We read about hacks of social media accounts all the time, but what’s the point of it? How can someone benefit from hacking a personal social media account, especially a non-celebrity, when there are so many other things to hack? Go steal from a bank or something, right?This article is going to look at a few reasons why a social media account is hacked. The
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Email Is Not a File System

On Monday, the news buzzed with a story about a high school student who had managed to break into the email accounts of CIA Director John Brennan and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.We’ve seen this scenario played out all too often. The teen used the standard social engineering techniques to find out enough information about the targets to force a password r
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Brute-Force amplification attacks on WordPress rely on XML-RPC

Security experts at Sucuri have uncovered threat actors abusing an XML-RPC method to run Brute-Force amplification attacks on WordPress websites. According to the experts at security firm Sucuri, threat actors are exploiting the XML-RPC protocol implemented by WordPress and other popular content management systems to run brute
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10 Days to crack 11 Million Ashley Madison hashed passwords

Ashley Madison – A group of hackers which calls itself CynoSure Prime has cracked more than 11 Million hashed passwords protected with Bcrypt. How? Last month hackers breached the popular adultery website Ashley Madison and leaked online a dump containing data belonging to 37 Million users, including 37 Million of encryp
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Password Brute Force Attacks Threaten Millions of App Users

In September of 2014, private photos of a number of celebrities, including Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence, were leaked onto the image-based bulletin board 4chan. It was soon discovered that this leak occurred as a result of a brute force attack against Apple’s iCloud, which until then had not limited the number of login attempts for each user account
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Many Android and Apple Apps allow brute force attacks

According to a recent research published by experts at the AppBugs firm many Android and Apple mobile apps allow brute force attacks. Android and Apple devices are the most used worldwide, millions of mobile users every day use the apps available in their official stores, but what if the majority of these applications are vuln
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United Airlines accounts could be easily locked-out

A security expert discovered that United Airlines accounts could be locked-out by running a brute-force attack. The effects on a large scale could be serious. According to WorldMate security officer Yosi Dahan, a threat actor could easily lock-out United Airlines users from their accounts. Dahan explained that reported the sec
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