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Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter mishaps invite typosquatters and scammers

Former cybersecurity czar Rudy Giuliani has been targeted by typosquatters on Twitter, thanks to copious misspellings and other keyboarding errors made in a number of his public tweets. In a tweet sent out on Sunday, Giuliani meant to send his 650,000-plus followers to his new website, RudyGiulianics.com. Instead, a space added after “Rudy” sent
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Mac threat detections on the rise in 2019

Conventional wisdom has been that, although not invulnerable to cyberthreats (as some old Apple ads would have you believe), Macs are afflicted with considerably fewer infections than Windows PCs. However, when reviewing our 2019 Mac detection telemetry, we noticed a startling upward trend. Indeed, the times, they are a-changin’. To get a sense of h
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Researchers Discover Google Chrome Is Plagued With Malicious Browser Extensions

Researchers at the 23rd annual USENIX Security Symposium in San Diego revealed that although Google Chrome is the preferred browser for many, its extensions can pose a serious threat to users.Through the analysis of more than 48,000 extensions from the Google Chrome web store, the group of researchers was able to detect 130 malicious extensions, including on
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