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Google Chrome Aims to Keep its Edge Over Other Browsers with its Latest Privacy and Security Features

Google Chrome may currently enjoy the numero uno position in the world of browsers, but it is starting to feel the pressure. The competition is heating up with its rivals like Microsoft Edge offering upgraded security features to lock in more users.The coronavirus pandemic has brought extensive changes to the way people operate, which in turn, has created a
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Magnitude exploit kit – evolution

Exploit kits are not as widespread as they used to be. In the past, they relied on the use of already patched vulnerabilities. Newer and more secure web browsers with automatic updates simply do not allow known vulnerabilities to be exploited. It was very different back in the heyday of Adobe Flash because it’s just a plugin for a web browser, meaning
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Critical bug in Google Chrome – get your update now

byPaul DucklinHere’s the short version.Google just issued a Chrome update with a note that says, “This update includes 1 [critical] security fix.”Unfortunately for the curious Chrome user, the long version doesn’t say much more:The stable channel has been updated to 81.0.4044.113 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which will roll out over t
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Unwanted notifications in browser

When, back in 2015, push notifications were just appearing in browsers, very few people wondered how this tool would be used in the future: once a useful technology made to keep regular readers informed about updates, today it is often used to shell website visitors with unsolicited ads. To achieve that, users are hoaxed into subscribing to notifications, fo
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APT trends report Q3 2019

For more than two years, the Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) at Kaspersky has been publishing quarterly summaries of advanced persistent threat (APT) activity. The summaries are based on our threat intelligence research and provide a representative snapshot of what we have published and discussed in greater detail in our private APT reports. They a
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COMpfun successor Reductor infects files on the fly to compromise TLS traffic

In April 2019, we discovered new malware that compromises encrypted web communications in an impressive way. Analysis of the malware allowed us to confirm that the operators have some control over the target’s network channel and could replace legitimate installers with infected ones on the fly. That places the actor in a very exclusive club, with capa
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Browser Guard combats privacy abuse, tracking, clickbait, and scammers

In July 2018, we introduced the Malwarebytes Browser Extension, a beta plugin for Firefox and Chrome aimed at delivering a safer, faster, and more private browsing experience. Our extension blocked tech support scams, hijackers, pop-up ads, trackers, and more to keep users secure and free from online harassment. And thanks to our loyal Malwarebytes commu
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Safari, Chrome, Firefox: Which is the most private browser for Mac?

Everyone needs a web browser, and while Safari comes pre-installed on Macs, many people choose to use a different browser. You may want to do this for compatibility reasons—there may be sites or services you use that Safari doesn't handle correctly—or because you use a different browser at work; if you want to be able to sync bookmarks and history from your
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Is Safari the most private browser for iPhone and iPad?

If there's one app that just about everyone uses on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, it's a web browser. You use your browser to get information, to shop, and for entertainment. iOS devices come with Apple's Safari browser pre-installed, but you can use a different browser if you wish. Unfortunately, on iOS you can't set a different browser as the default,
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5 Tips to Get an “A” on Research Papers & Advance Your Infosec Career

John Callahan’s October article “4 Reasons to Get Your Masters in Cyber Security” made me think about how to help students and cyber professionals strengthen a critical soft skill: written communication.Research synthesis and analysis papers are common in academic environments. These critical thinking assignments require students to conduct research on speci
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Have they hijacked your browser? Here’s how to fix it

We’re sure your browser has been hijacked before. Say you decide to download a program you need from a seemingly reliable website (like Softonic), and you click “install” to begin downloading without really thinking about it. When it finishes downloading, you go back to the browser and you realize that one or more toolbars have appeared or that t
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Rogue Google Chrome Extension Spies On You

The popular Google Chrome browser has some of the best security tools baked in with features such as Safebrowsing which protects users from malicious websites. By extension, ChromeOS which powers the affordable Chromebooks is indeed one of the safest systems one can get these days. Even though the surface of attack is smaller than that of a typical Windows P
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This blog post explains what FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION is and why browser hijackers seem to love it. It also points out that this does not mean it’s automatically a problem if you have one or more of them. What is FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION? FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION is a registry key that allows you to set a different default document mode for the web-browse
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“INTUIT Security Warning” Emails Lead to Fake Browser Update Malware

Users of popular accounting software Quickbooks should keep an eye out for this fake “Intuit Security Warning” themed email currently in circulation, encouraging you to update your browser with a zipped download. The email reads as follows: INTUIT Security Warning As of November 5th, 2015, we will be updating the browsers we support. We encou
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Google to End Chrome Support for Windows XP, Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Google has announced it will no longer support Windows XP, as well as Windows Vista and older versions of Mac OS X—including 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion)—come April 2016.Marc Pawliger, director of engineering at Google, said in a company blog post: “If you’re still using one of these unsupported platforms, we encourage you to mov
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