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UK Data Breaches Up, Infosec Spending Leveling Off, Awareness Still Key

A new UK government survey, conducted by PwC in association with Infosecurity Europe, has revealed some interesting findings about data breaches with the key takeaway being the fact that the number of breaches has increased year on year. Reversing the small decrease seen in 2014, this year’s report shows that a whopping 90% of large organisations were
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UK Data Breaches Have Increased in Number, Scale and Cost, Reveals Study

Infosecurity Europe 2015, one of The State of Security’s top 10 conferences in information security, may be over but now is the perfect time for industry professionals to internalize all of the findings shared at the conference. One such piece of research that demands our attention is the 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey.Commissioned by the H
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Majority Of Data Breach Incidents Not Reported To ICO

According to ViaSat UK, a specialist security and communications company, the number of breaches of the Data Protection Act reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office only represent a tiny proportion of the actual such incidents occurring across the UK. I can’t say that I’m in the least bit surprised by that. Data pulled from Freedom of In
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Adult Friend Finder Breached, Millions Of Records Exposed

Casual dating website Adult Friend Finder, which boasts some 63 million users across the globe, has warned customers that their personal data may be at risk following what appears to be a massive leak. The breach, which is believed to have exposed around 3.6 million or more records, is currently being investigated by police. Compromised information is said t
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A Security Carol

Many have called 2014 the “year of the breach,” but these attacks are not a new phenomenon – companies have been dealing with cybercrime at various levels for years. That being said, these attacks have certainly evolved over time.This year, we were visited by ghosts of Security Past, Security Present, and Security Future. What do I mean by this? Let me tell
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Twenty-Five Million Plus Two Reasons Not To Ignore The Data Breach Risk

A few years ago data breaches weren’t all that common or, if they were, they certainly weren’t being reported with quite the same regularity that they are now. Nowadays, it seems like another big company is getting hit just about every week – but let us not forget that smaller breaches are also a regular occurrence too. So what are you doin
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British Airways Suspends Some Accounts Following Unauthorized Activity

British Airways, one of the U.K’s biggest airlines, suspended users’ frequent flier accounts this weekend after an apparent breach recently hit the company.It’s unclear exactly how many fliers were implicated by what British Airways is calling “unauthorized activity” on its Executive Club accounts, but a report in The Guardian o
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Anthem Refusing Security Audit Following Breach

UPDATED–Anthem has refused to undergo vulnerability scans and configuration compliance tests in the aftermath of a breach that may have ultimately leaked the personal information of nearly 100 million customers and non-customers.The health insurance giant reportedly turned down an audit of its systems from the Office of Personnel Management’s Off
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Parking Services Confirm Payment Card Breaches

Two services that allow users to reserve over the Internet offsite parking spots at airports confirmed week that they recently suffered data breaches and customer data may be at risk.Park ‘N Fly, headquartered in Atlanta, and OneStopParking, which is based in Florence, Ky, allow travelers to purchase parking spaces online in lots adjacent to airports i
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Zappos Settles, Pays Out $106K Following Data Breach

Online retailer Zappos this week settled with attorneys general in nine states, agreeing to pay out $106,000 stemming from a data breach in 2012 that exposed 24 million customers’ information.Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley filed the settlement in Suffolk Superior Court on Wednesday, as did AGs from Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky
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Credit Union Watchdog Shoots Down Data Encryption Rule

Even after suffering a data breach, the organization in charge of overseeing the needs of credit unions has cast off the idea of implementing a rule mandating the use of encryption for data transfers.Despite the breach, the National Association of Federal Credit Unions, or NAFCU, is insisting that many credit unions follow best practices, and that any additi
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NOAA Compromised in Apparent Chinese Attack

Systems belonging to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) were recently compromised, purportedly by Chinese hackers.The NOAA confirmed that four of the scientific agency’s websites were targeted and compromised in an “internet-sourced attack” earlier this fall, in a statement released Wednesday. It’s assumed that
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Travel Site Viator Announces 1.4 M Implicated in Breach

Travel website Viator.com is in the middle of notifying approximately 1.4 million of its customers that their personal information – payment card data included – may have been compromised.The San Francisco-based company, which specializes in expert curated travel suggestions, announced the breach late last week, more than two weeks after it claims it was inf
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The cost of a breach

The cost of a breach I always find this sort of statement totally absurd.The average for which companies?all companies?some companies?which companies?The average of which breaches?all breaches?some breaches?which breaches?which of the unreported breaches are included and which are excl
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Let’ not Talk About PHI for a Moment, let’s Talk about Intellectual Property

Why this post?Over the past few months we have seen a number of reports on breaches of healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers where the suspected or documented target was intellectual property data related to medical devices.  Some of these recent cases have received wide press coverage.As a result, the FBI has issued a wa
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