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Bluebox Broadband Breached – 3,000 customers see details published online

The dust hasn’t even settled on the TalkTalk breach and we are already seeing another TelCo compromised, this time in the form of Bluebox Broadband. According to the BBC, the Northern Irish company was hacked into sometime before Thursday of last week and names, email addresses and phone numbers – but no financial details – were published o
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Kids play as toy maker Vtech gets hacked

Just a few short weeks after mere children hacked TalkTalk – allegedly – and its the kids turn to be hacked. Or a firm that caters to youngsters at any rate. In a statement released late yesterday, Chinese toy and gadget company Vtech revealed how an unauthorised visitor accessed data stored in its Learning Lodge app store database on 14 November
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TalkTalk hack ‘only’ affected 157,000 customers

Things at TalkTalk are bad. Real bad. But not quite as bad as first thought. I am of course referring to the news that ‘only’ 157,000 customer records were accessed during the recent breach, not the incident management/response which was just… bad. According to figures published by the BBC earlier today, some 156,959 customers had their per
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Web Hosting Service 000webhost Hacked, Information of 13 Million Leaked

Information on nearly 14 million users of 000webhost, a Lithuanian web hosting service, was spilled earlier this year when a hacker exploited an old version of the company’s website and gained access to the backend.13.5 customer usernames, plaintext passwords, email addresses, IP addresses, and names were exposed as part of the breach, according to a F
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Has the Government Gateway been hacked?

Earlier this morning I read an interesting Financial Times article which detailed how stolen IDs were changing hands for around $30 (£20 / 27 Euros) on the dark web. The main direction taken by the piece was to highlight how British companies, including TalkTalk of course, were struggling to protect their digital assets and, more importantly in my opinion, t
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Scottrade Breach Affects 4.6 Million Customers

Discount brokerage firm Scottrade began firing off emails late last week, warning customers that as a result of a breach, their names and street addresses may have been stolen from its system.Scottrade’s statement on the incident, published on its site last Thursday doesn’t exactly rule out that more sensitive information, such as users’ So
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Experian, Patreon, Kmart and David Jones breached

Another week, another breach. Or two. Three? Or perhaps four? In what must surely be a busy week for information security professionals hampered by a lack of suitable candidates entering the field, we have already seen four high profile breaches. The biggest involved the hacking of Experian’s servers and the theft of information concerning 15 million p
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Hotel Chain Hilton Worldwide Investigating Potential POS Breach

Hilton Hotels and Resorts is reportedly looking into claims that some of its point-of-sale devices were compromised, some potentially as far back as November 2014.Security blogger Brian Krebs notes that Visa sent alerts to financial institutions warning of a breach from April 21 to July 27, but per its policy, didn’t name the location. It’s bel
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Money can’t buy you love or security

Money can’t buy you love or security Posted by Kevin on September 7, 2015.Every year we spend tons more money on security, and every year there are dozens of new security companies offering shiny new technologies guaranteed to stop malware, plug breaches, defy surveillance, expos
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Swatting comes to the UK as Mumsnet founder receives visit from armed boys in blue

If you thought SWATting – a situation in which armed law enforcement officers such as those in American Special Weapons And Tactics teams – are drawn to an unsuspecting victim’s address by a hoax call was a US thing, reserved for only the most well-known celebrities within the infosec profession, think again. You don’t need to be Bria
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Class Action Suit Against Neiman Marcus Over Data Breach Revived

It turns out that Neiman Marcus, one of many retailers that announced it suffered a data breach last year, will indeed face a class action lawsuit that claims the upscale department store failed to protect its system from hackers.A decision on the case, which was initially argued in the Northern District of Illinois U.S. District Court, came down from a pane
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Ashley Madison, an online dating website for cheaters, gets hacked

Ashley Madison, an online dating website that specifically targets people looking to have an affair, has been hacked by a group that calls itself Impact Team. A cache of data has been released by the Impact Team, including user profiles, company financial records, and "other proprietary information." The company's CEO, Noel Bilderman, confirmed with Kreb
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Hackers Penetrate Ashley Madison, Slip Out With Customer Data

Hackers have stolen personal information from online international infidelity site Ashley Madison. The site, which encourages its members to cheat on their partners, boasts 37 million members, all of whom may be ruing the day they signed up with a service which says “Life is short. Have an affair”. According to Brian Krebs, those responsible R
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Cloudminr Hack Exposes Data on 80,000 Bitcoin Miners

Attackers were able to break into servers belonging to Bitcoin cloud-mining platform Cloudminr.io last week and harvest the site’s entire database. Now hackers are attempting to sell the information, which includes thousands of unencrypted usernames, email addresses, and passwords.Cloudminr, a Norwegian company that started last year, relies on process
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Hacking Team: 5 Tips For Recovering From The Alleged Breach

Hacking Team, an Italian company that helps governments spy on its own citizens has apparently been hacked itself. As the story is such big news today I’ll let you get the details elsewhere – Graham Cluley’s article is as good a place to start as any. Instead, here are a few ideas for how the company can respond to the alleged incident: 1.
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