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Kiwi Farms breached, user data potentially exposed

The operators of a site known to most observers for being in a recent state of flux have announced a forum breach. Kiwi Farms, which gained a reputation for sophisticated trolling and doxxing, was recently dropped by Cloudflare after a sustained campaign to have the DDoS mitigation and cloud hosting service abandon the forum. The site has since returned
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What Kind of Data Costs Most in a Breach?

Today’s most valuable currency is data. Breaches, information operations, analytics and behavior recognition are all driven by data and the desire to possess it, regardless of what those who possess it want to do with it. We set out to answer the question “What kind of data costs the most in a breach?” As it happens, that’s a complic
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Survey Connects Cybersecurity Skills Gap to Increase in Breaches

The skills gap in cybersecurity isn’t a new concern. But, new research revealed in Fortinet’s 2022 Cybersecurity Skills Gap report confirmed what many experts have assumed. The skills gap increased risk and was likely the direct cause of at least some breaches. Data for the survey was collected from 1,223 IT decision-makers in countries across t
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Reset your password now! Plex suffers data breach

In an email sent to its users, Plex has revealed that a cybercriminal accessed some customer data, including emails and encrypted passwords. From the email that was sent out by the Plex security team: Yesterday, we discovered suspicious activity on one of our databases. We immediately began an investigation and it does appear that a third-party was abl
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Cost of a Data Breach: Banking and Finance

The importance of cybersecurity has touched almost every industry. Beyond that, robust cybersecurity is table stakes for several sectors, particularly health care and the banking and finance industry. Not only is financial data at risk, but so is customer trust. In banking and finance, trust means everything.  Yet, consumers are hesitant to share their
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Lock down your Neopets account: Data breach being investigated

Bad news for players of long-time virtual pet management title Neopets. Word is spreading of a compromise claimed to have accessed around 69 million user accounts. This compromise, posted to a hacking forum, is said to include both the database and around 460 MB of compressed source code from Neopets.com. Data claimed to have been taken includes: Usern
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Insecure password leads to Mangatoon data breach

The hugely popular Manga comics platform Mangatoon has fallen victim to a data breach. No fewer than 23 million user accounts could be at risk, thanks to a poorly secured database. Worse still, Mangatoon doesn’t seem to be responding to messages from the breacher, or people notifying it that the breach has taken place. A limited edition run of expos
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Securing Cloud Technology in a Growing Threat Landscape

Cloud technologies are becoming more and more popular. Many companies shifted their workloads and their IT infrastructures into the cloud. The advantages are clear: more flexibility and scalability, less admin overhead and often cost savings. But with those advantages also come many risks. Recent studies have shown several threats cloud technologies face. A
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FBI warns of education sector credentials on dark web forums

The FBI is warning academics to be on their guard, as an embattled education sector continues to experience attacks and breaches, with data spilling onto the so-called dark web. The government agency’s Private Industry Notification [PDF] cites US academic credentials up for grabs from a variety of sources. A stepping stone to compromise From the
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Chicago students lose data to ransomware attackers

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) disclosed on Friday that students may have had their data taken in a ransomware incident involving one of its vendors. The ransomware attack happened last December at Battelle for Kids (BfK), based in Columbus Ohio, which develops services to provide innovation in schools for students and teachers. Breaching education Ar
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Why you should act like your CEO’s password is “querty”

A poor password at the highest levels of an organisation can cost a company millions in losses. Recent findings show that half of IT leaders store passwords in shared documents. On top of that, it seems that folks at executive level are not picking good passwords either. Researchers from NordPass combed through a large list of CEO and business owner breac
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World Password Day: Brushing up on the basics

World Password Day is today, reminding us of the value of solid passwords, and good password practices generally. There are awareness days for all sorts of things, and perhaps we don’t need all of them. You can’t go wrong shoring up a leaky password line of defence though, so without further ado: let’s get right to it. Breaching the issu
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Okta admits 366 customers may have been impacted by LAPSUS$ breach

Through its usual means of communication, its Telegram channel, the LAPSUS$ group has posted screenshots of what appears to be superuser access to the Okta management console. As such, the group claims to have acquired “superuser/admin” access to Okta.com and gained access to Okta’s customer data, saying on Telegram: BEFORE PEOPLE START
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Containment, Communication, and Remediation: The 3 Keys to a Breach Response

The number of U.S. data breaches reported in 2021 increased dramatically over the preceding year. As reported by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), there were 1,291 data breaches between January 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021. The volume beat out the 1,108 breaches detected over the course of Full Year (FY) 2020. It’s therefore not surprising that da
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Open Subtitles breach: The dangers of password reuse

Popular website Open Subtitles has been breached. The impact so far: almost seven million accounts “breached and ransomed” back in August. New breach: Open Subtitles had almost 7M accounts breached and ransomed in Aug. Data included email and IP addresses, usernames and unsalted MD5 password hashes. 75% were already in @haveibeenpwned. Read more: https:/
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