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Cryptocurrency exchange Eterbase hacked, $5.4 million worth of funds stolen

European cryptocurrency exchange platform Eterbase has announced that it has suffered a security breach which saw malicious hackers access its network and steal funds worth US $5.4 million.In a message posted on Telegram, the Slovakian cryptocurrency exchange listed the six hot wallets plundered by cybercriminals for their Ether, Tezos, Bitcoin, ALGO, Ripple
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Twitter apologizes for leaking businesses’ financial data

byLisa VaasTwitter apologized on Tuesday for sticking business clients’ billing information into browser cache – a spot where the uninvited could have had a peek, regardless of not having the right to see it.In an email to its clients, Twitter said it was “possible” that others could have accessed the sensitive information, which incl
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Woman stalked by sandwich server via her COVID-19 contact tracing info

byLisa VaasMayo? Mustard? Creep who takes your sandwich order plus the personal details you handed over for contact tracing?That’s not what I ordered, said a woman in Auckland, New Zealand, whose trip to a Subway fast-food shop led to a restaurant worker reaching out to pester her on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and via text.As the local news outlet
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Boots yanks loyalty card payouts after 150K accounts get stuffed

byLisa VaasBoots, a UK pharmacy chain, has suspended payments on the loyalty cards of 14.4 million active customers after its security team spotted “unusual” activity on a number of Boots Advantage Card accounts.It wasn’t hacked, the company said in a statement, and this isn’t what you’d classify as a breach. Intruders didn’t get into
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How to Get Started in Digital Forensics

If you want to become a digital forensic expert, be aware that when entering the field, you will be presented with an abundance of information that you will not know. It is a wonderfully challenging career path. Some believe that having the title of a cybersecurity professional (e.g. digital forensics expert, cybersecurity analyst, incident response commande
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Gaining Insight Into the Ponemon Institute’s 2020 Cost of Insider Threats Report

Today, I’m pleased to share some of the key findings from the 2020 Cost of Insider Threats Global Report. This is the third benchmark study, independently sponsored by IBM Security and ObserveIT to help understand the direct and indirect costs that result from insider threats. The first study was conducted in 2016 and focused exclusively on companies i
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Payment Cards Exposed in Wawa Breach Offered for Sale on Dark Web

Digital criminals posted customers’ payment card details exposed in the 2019 Wawa data breach for sale on a dark web marketplace.In December 2019, the Joker’s Stash first announced what it called the “BIGBADABOOM-III” breach.Advertisements posted by the dark web marketplace announced that the breach included over 30 million payment ca
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Securing the MSP: their own worst enemy

We’ve previously discussed threats to managed service providers (MSPs), covering their status as a valuable secondary target to both an assortment of APT groups as well as financially motivated threat groups. The problem with covering new and novel attack vectors, however, is that behind each new vector is typically a system left unpatched, asset manag
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A week in security (January 20 – 26)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we reported on a Ryuk ransomware attack on The Tampa Bay Times, a newspaper in Florida; unmasked an elaborate browser locking scheme behind the more advanced tech support operations that are currently active; and looked at the latest laws on regulating deepfakes. Other cybersecurity news Cisco’s Talos Intelligence Group
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Breachless Threat Intelligence: A Pain-Free Approach to CyberSecurity

Enterprises need a steady stream of actionable, timely, and accurate threat intelligence on targeted malicious intrusions and attempts into their networks They need this information without suffering breaches and cannot rely solely on post-compromise forensics or sandbox simulations to continuously tighten and adapt their defenses Pre-breach targeted intell
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As Vendors Talk WannaCry, We Want You to Know What You Can Expect from Bromium

As WannaCry went nuts last week and everyone moved quickly to support one another; we all moved on our best intelligence at the time. Because most ransomware is typically delivered via email, website or file, we worked with our customers to make sure their endpoints were protected. One week later, I wanted to take a moment to be absolutely transparent about
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WannaCry Ransomware Racing Around the World, Wreaking Havoc

This is a special rapid response blog to breaking news about the WannaCry ransomware attack that is now being seen in more than 100 countries. We’ll be updating our blog with additional news as we learn more.  “No x-rays/bloods/bleeps/phones/notes. This is unprecedented. It will be a miracle if no-one comes to harm.” This dramatic tweet from an Nationa
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Saks Fifth Avenue Left Customers’ Personal Information Exposed

Luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue has inadvertently exposed the personal details of tens of thousands of customers online.According to a report by media company BuzzFeed, customers’ details were, “up until recently, publicly available in plain text.”The incident affected online shoppers who had provided their email addresses and/or phone numbers to joi
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Your Cybercriminal Has an Image Problem

The recent official opening of the U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre, which is a part of Government Communications Headquarters (GHCQ) and now the region’s main authority on cybersecurity, posed a question about how we perceive those responsible for cyberattacks, whether they are hackers, cybercriminals or script kiddies, to name but a few la
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Yahoo! Bleeds for the Protection of Customer Data

On March 1, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!’s Chief Executive Office, gave up millions of dollars. As she noted in a blog post on Tumblr, “I am the CEO of the company [Yahoo!] and since this incident happened during my tenure, I have agreed to forgo my annual bonus and my annual equity grant.” All in, Mayer gave up upwards of 2 million in cash bonuses and millions mor
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