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The Leet Botnet powered a 650 Gbps DDoS attack before Christmas

Just before Christmas a massive DDoS attack powered by a new botnet dubbed Leet Botnet hit the network of the firm Imperva. Security experts from the firm Imperva observed a massive attack against the company network on the morning of Dec. 21. The massive DDoS attack reached 650 Gbps, according to the researchers it was powered by the Leet Botnet and targete
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FBI Arrests Man for Using Xtreme DDoS-for-Hire Service

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has arrested a man for renting out portions of the Xtreme DDoS-for-hire service to conduct distributed denial of service attacks.On 9 December, the FBI arrested and charged Sean Sharma, a 26-year-old graduate student at the University of Southern California, for launching a DDoS attack against the San Francisco-base
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2016: The Year of the DDoS Attack

Some malware incidents will go down in history. The IT industry remembers 2006, for example, as the year of Stuxnet, an infamous worm that drew public attention to the insecurity of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and programmable logic controller (PLC) systems. I’m quite sure that 2016 will be similarly defined as the year of the dist
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Patch Your Sony Security Cameras Against Backdoor Attacks!

If you have a Sony network-connected CCTV camera, you may have a security problem.Researchers at SEC Consult uncovered a backdoor in Sony IP cameras that could allow a hacker to remotely execute malicious code, spy on users, brick devices, or recruit them into a DDoS botnet.As the vandal-resistant Sony IPELA Engine IP cameras at the centre of the security sc
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Avalanche: Thwarting Cybercriminal Hazards with Law Enforcement Collaboration

On November 30th, an international law enforcement operation stamped out Avalanche, a large-scale content and management platform designed for the delivery of bullet-proof botnets. Avalanche’s scale and scope spanned victims from 180 countries, over 800,000 domains in 60+ top-level domains (TLD), more than one million phishing and spam e-mails, 500,000 infec
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Experts from CloudFlare spotted a new dangerous botnet

Security experts from CloudFlare observed a new botnet that emerged in the wild and it could be dangerous as its predecessor Mirai. Which is the most dreaded botnet in the current threat landscape? The Mirai botnet of course, it was used by threat actors in the wild to power massive DDoS attack, such as the one that hit the Dyn DNS service. Now, sec
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Botconf 2016 Wrap-Up Day #3

It’s over! The 4th edition of Botconf just finished and I’m in the train back to Belgium writing the daily wrap-up. Yesterday, the reception was organized in a very nice place (the “Chapelle de la Trinité”). Awesome place, awesome food, interesting chats as usual. To allow people to recover smoothly, the day started a little bit later and some doses of caffe
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Spam Campaign Enlists Victims into Botnet After Delivering Locky Ransomware

It’s been a busy inaugural year for Locky. Security researchers first spotted the crypto-ransomware in February 2016. That same month, it made a name for itself when attackers used it to infect the IT systems at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. The Californian hospital ultimately decided to pay the ransom demand of 40 Bitcoins (approximately
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Botconf 2016 Wrap-Up Day #2

The second is over, so here is my daily wrap-up! After some welcomed coffee cups, it started sharp at 9AM with Christiaan Beek who spoke about Ransomware: “Ransomware & Beyond”. When I read the title, my first reaction was “What can be said in a conference like Botconf about ransomware?”. I was wrong! After a short review of the ransomware la
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Mirai Evolving: New Attack Reveals Use of Port 7547

When the source code for the Mirai botnet was made public in late September, a top concern was that bad actors might modify the code to increase the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices they can compromise. It seems these fears have been realized. A few weeks ago, Reverse Engineering Blog disclosed a vulnerability in the Eir D1000 modem that could enab
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Botconf 2016 Wrap-Up Day #1

This is already the fourth edition of the Botconf security conference, fully dedicated to fighting malware and botnets. Since the first edition, the event location changed every year and it allowed me to visit nice cities in France. After Nantes, Nancy and Paris, the conference invaded Lyon. I arrived yesterday in the evening and missed the workshop (four of
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The 5 Most Significant DDoS Attacks of 2016

On the cusp of 2017, one thing’s clear: distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks made their mark in 2016. Arbor Networks tracked 124,000 DDoS attacks each week between January 2015 and June 2016. Furthermore, 274 of the attacks observed in the first half of 2016 reached over 100 Gbps (as compared to 223 in all of 2015), while 46 attacks registered
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How “Peter Parker’s” Mirai Variant Took Down 900,000 Routers

What happens when service providers issue routers with remotely exploitable flaws?This weekend, we saw a glimpse of what is possible when attackers attempted to load Mirai-based malware on routers through a vulnerability in an exposed remote management protocol. Although the attackers probably failed in their ultimate goal of creating a large botnet, the eff
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Hackers offer a huge Mirai botnet as a DDoS-for-hire service

The hackers Popopret and BestBuy are offering a DDoS-for-hire service leveraging a Mirai botnet composed of around 400,000 compromised devices. We have written a lot about the Mirai botnet after the clamorous attacks against the Dyn DNS service and the OVH hosting, it is a dangerous threat that was designed to target IoT devices that could be used to power m
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Russia’s Major Banks Targeted in IoT-Powered DDoS Attacks

At least five of Russia’s largest banks were hit with prolonged distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks earlier this week.Beginning on Tuesday afternoon, the attacks continued intermittently for two days, targeting the online services of Sberbank, Alfabank and several other financial institutions.According to reports, the attacks were powered by a
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