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Google fixes two critical Pixel vulnerabilities: Get your updates when you can!

Google has made updates available for Android 10, 11, 12 and 12L. The May Android Security Bulletin contains details of security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices. The Pixel Update Bulletin contains details of security vulnerabilities and functional improvements affecting supported Pixel devices. Pixel phones are Google’s “pure Android
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How to prevent a rootkit attack

If you’re ever at the receiving end of a rootkit attack, then you’ll understand why they are considered one of the most dangerous cyberthreats today. Rootkits are a type of malware designed to stay undetected on your computer. Cybercriminals use rootkits to remotely access and control your machine, burrowing deep into the system like a latche
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Press backspace 28 times to hack a Linux PC with Grub2

The researchers Hector Marco and Ismael Ripoll have found that the Grub2 authentication could be easily defeated by hitting backspace 28 times. A couple of researchers from the University of Valencia’s Cybersecurity research group, Hector Marco and Ismael Ripoll, have found that the Grub2 bootloader is plagued by a serio
Publish At:2015-12-17 13:50 | Read:6698 | Comments:0 | Tags:Hacking Breaking News authentication LINUX Grub2 embedded sy


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