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Canon printer owners: Be careful of bogus driver download sites

Think of all the really common, very mundane things you search for of a tech nature. Drivers. Scanners. Printers. A broken photocopier. USB sticks not recognised. Activating a streaming service which refuses to play ball. Some of the above have many issues already with bogus search engine results and tech support scams. Streaming and other internet based
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Craft fair vendors targeted by fake event scammers on Facebook

A real world scam which sucks the fun out of craft fairs has caused nothing but stress for victims. It may sound bizarre, but it’s actually a fairly popular attack focused on small/self-run business owners selling their own creations. Are you ready for a trip to the craft fair? You’re a small business owner. You sell a variety of craft-style items, the
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FBI warns of bogus job postings on recruitment sites

Before Christmas was a busy time down at the fake job factory, with all manner of dubious antics out to ruin someone’s day. We’re now info February and the bogus job offers show no sign of abating. In fact, the FBI considers it to be such a problem that it’s issued an alert. This isn’t your typical warning about plain old fake job postings, or random m
Publish At:2022-02-04 12:46 | Read:780 | Comments:0 | Tags:Scams bogus fake fbi fraud hire job FBI

Nintendo warns of imitation websites and suspicious hardware

Brave indeed is the soul who decides to take on Nintendo with scam-filled behaviour online. The console legends have a long history of crunching down on fraud, as well as gaming past-times some would consider to be harmless. Whether you create fan-made games, offer up plundered ROMs for use in emulators, or even just want to rent out some titles: Nintendo
Publish At:2022-01-18 12:46 | Read:948 | Comments:0 | Tags:Scams bogus fake website hardware nintendo sales store

Fake job interviews plague major game developers like Riot Games and Rockstar

If you’re job hunting at the moment, be on your guard. The pandemic is still around. Lots of people are in need of employment. Scammers are all too happy to string folks along with bogus employment offers, as is the case here. How have they managed to snare prospective job hunters? Riding on the coat-tails of giants Nefarious individuals have been s
Publish At:2021-12-09 12:45 | Read:729 | Comments:0 | Tags:Scams bogus fake job hunting job offer manticore resume riot


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