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BlueBorne- the lethal attack to take over your devices

The latest attack Blueborne is taking over by storm , lets read about it in concise, the attack method and the details of this bug. A series of vulnerabilities have been unearthed in the implementation of Bluetooth which allows hackers to take over your computers/ tablets/ smartphones whenever Bluetooth is on. A total of eight critical Bluetooth vulnerabilit
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Billions of mobile, desktop and IoT devices potentially exposed to BlueBorne Attack

Billions of mobile, desktop and IoT devices that use Bluetooth may be exposed to a new remote attack, even without any user interaction and pairing. The unique condition for BlueBorne attacks is that targeted devices must have Bluetooth enabled. The new attack technique, dubbed BlueBorne, was devised by experts with Armis Labs. Researchers have discovered a
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BTCrawler – Bluetooth Diagnostic & Discovery Tool

BTCrawler is an application used to to discover Bluetooth devices and the services they provide, it is useful if you wish to know which Bluetooth enabled devices are in your proximity for debugging, spying, curiosity or any other purpose.With this program you’ll be even able to find every service provided by those devices and to list all its Bluetooth
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BlueScan – A Bluetooth Device Scanner

BlueScan is a BASH script that acts as a Bluetooth device scanner. It’s a tool designed to detect Bluetooth devices within the radio range of your system and extract as much information as possible from the devices without the requirement to pair.The tool works unobtrusively, ie without establishing a connection to the devices found and undetected. No
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Smartwatch Hacked... Data Exchange with Smartphone Not So Secure

We are living in an era of smart devices that we sync with our smartphones and make our lives very simple and easy, but these smart devices that inter-operates with our phones could leave our important and personal data wide open to hackers and cybercriminals.Security researchers have demonstrated that the data sent between a Smartwatch and an Android smartp
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